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Liveras Yachts

liverasLiveras Yachts is one of the most expensive, prestigious and luxurious yacht companies in the world. Its founder, Greek entrepreneur Andreas Liveras, had passed away in December 2008, and it is now directed by Simon Groom and John Pickles. Liveras features two top-of the line yachts, Alaysia (85.3 m) and Lauren L (90 m). They perform custom itineraries, which can include the Mediterranean, Caribbean or South Pacific.

Alaysia was built in 2006 and accommodates up to 36 guests. Features include a health and beauty center, marble faced Roman baths, saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis (one is on a sun deck!), cold plunge pools, a beauty salon and massage parlors. You can work out at the gym, which has a treadmill, rowing machine, cycling machine and many weights. You can also relax in the cinema or library. There is even a helicopter landing pad. It has a 24 hour hot buffet, and all types of cuisine are available.

Its rates are €99,500 per day, or €696,500 per week, which is inclusive of food, fuel and all other expenses.

Lauren L was built in 2002 and accommodates up to 40 guests. Features include a health and beauty center, relaxation room with an aquarium, steam room, beauty salon, and full gym. There is also a conference room that has a mahogany table, and a 50” plasma flat screen television set up for internet communication. You can relax in the library, outside dining areas, open bars or sun deck Jacuzzi. Every suite comes with a computer and internet access. It also has a helicopter landing pad. Delicious food can be served wherever you please!

Its rates are €110,000 per day, or €770,000 per week, which is inclusive of all expenses.

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