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Tours Around the World

For the past four decades, Butterfield & Robinson has been planning and executing luxury, guided tours of exotic locations around the world. The Butterfield & Robinson philosophy of “slow down to see the world” is fulfilled on each of these amazing journeys.

The company began in 1966 taking college students on biking tours of Europe. But the desire for more adult experiences took over and within a few years the company expanded to include indulgent extras in each tour.

Today the company offers more than 100 different trips to be enjoyed while biking or walking in over two dozen countries around the world.

One of the most exotic locations on the Butterfield & Robinson destination list is the Amazon. The trip is filled with educational experiences, amazing tour guides (including granddaughter of famed explorer and ecologist, Jaques Cousteau) and luxurious extras. Butterfield & Robinson take care of the trivialities leaving you to enjoy all aspects of your Amazon experience without the stress of transportation details, hotel accommodations or dining arrangements. Even in a remote location like the Amazon, Butterfield & Robinson provides upscale amenities.

If Europe is more to your liking, a biking tour of the Swedish countryside is a unique adventure. Butterfield & Robinson offers a cultural experience while viewing the world over the handlebars of one its custom Cannondale bicycles. The close relationships that Butterfield & Robinson has with local Swedish contacts will help to create a travel experience you could never have on your own.

For those who don’t enjoy biking, walking tours are also available. The philosophy of Butterfield & Robinson is “slow down to see the world” and that is exactly what you will do exploring the Loire Valley on foot. Whether you are a serious hiker or enjoy a more leisurely pace, Butterfield & Robinson will create a custom experience to meet your precise need.

Butterfield & Robinson takes great pride in offering incredible family journeys, too. The Tuscany trip is a one-of-a-kind experience for the family to enjoy a long stay in a 15th Century villa complete with biking excursions, pizza making lessons and family entertainment, Italian style.

Regardless of which adventure you choose you can be certain that your B&R experience will be an unforgettable journey.


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