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Unique Motor-Powered Toys And Electric Toys

Classy toys are not just made for adults.  Children too can enjoy luxurious unique motor-powered toys.

This Ferrari 1986 Testarossa is a go-kart that weighs 615 pounds and can go up to 30 MPH.  It puts all other go-karts to shame, as it was sold at FAO Schwartz and Neiman Marcus for $50,000.  Now it can be purchased for half that, at $24,900.  This amazing car features an electric starter, Momo steering wheel, a working horn, CD stereo system, gauges, dual adjustable seats, real retractable headlights, turn signals, independent suspension and hydraulic rear disc brakes.




The kids can also feel like a rebel on a Chopper Motorcycle.  Talk about riding in style.  It can go up to about 37.5 MPH, so parents need to be sure the child will handle the power safely and wear a helmet. A leather outfit could make them feel like areal biker, to be like dad.  It can go up to about 77 miles on a full tank of gas.  This stylish children's ride costs $799.98.



The Classic Child's Vespa is still sporty and sleek.  It offers a motorcycle like ride for any child as well.  It is the child's version of the classic European scooter from the original Vespa in post-WWII Italy.  It features a plastic frame, motor, foot brakes, vinyl-capped non-skid wheels, a working headlight, horn, flashing hazard lights, two rear-view mirrors, a glove box in the dash, a rear storage box, removable training wheels and a kickstand.  It is priced at $299.95.



This Gas Powered Snowboard can make the kids feel as if they're riding a snowmobile.  It can hold up to 250 pounds and go up to 18 MPH.  Holding 3/4 gallon of gas, it can run up to two hours.  Talk about some fun in the snow.



This children's Electric Golf Cart is a little more environmentally friendly and can allow the kids to be like dad and mom on the course.  It operates exactly like a real grown-up golf cart.  It can carry up to 65 pounds and travel up to 2.5 MPH.  It sells for $299.95



The remote controlled Manta Ray is one of the coolest underwater machines that any kid would love to swim with.  It can submerge to a depth of eight feet and can conveniently be controlled by a remote.  It can almost monouver like a real underwater creature.  The only difference is it can be recharged by rechargabble batteries.   It costs $119.95.


This Brushless Motor powered High Speed offshore racing Boat RTR can race on top of the water.  This fiberglass boat is 37 inches long.  It can go 45 MPH plus.  This goes for around $39.92. 48bd3ae6d67b5_48401b

There are also fun caged go-karts, ATVs, remote control cars, planes and trains.

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Fashion for the Younger Set

FAO Schwartz has been fulfilling kid’s dreams for many years by offering the largest array of quality toys that can be found anywhere in the world. From stuffed bears to motor scooters, FAO Schwartz has it all!

The famed children’s store in New York City is offering an astounding opportunity for girls of all ages. The Deluxe Experience Fashion Design Package (by Imagine This) is a dream come true for budding fashion designers and all girls who simply love clothes.

The package, available for purchase online, allows girls to design their own wardrobe and work with a professional New York City designer to bring those ideas to life. The package comes with an elegant portfolio filled with fabric swatches, sketching tools and a questionnaire to discover the precise desires of your young designer. Your child will choose everything from the fit to the fabric and will even design her own label to finish off her one-of-a-kind wardrobe.

Imagine the delight of your daughter when she sees her designs come to life! The clothing will be handcrafted, of course, and will reach your child in about eight weeks. The package includes two complete outfits and two custom-created handbags along with ten professional sketches of the entire collection.

This gift will not only encourage creativity, it will give your child a sense of pride when she wears her “designer collection”. The entire kit is just $2,400.00 and is recommended for ages three and up.


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