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Bose Lifestyle Stereo Systems

bose-lifestyleBose Lifestyle Stereo Systems are a line that began in the early 1990s, starting out with systems that could play music from the radio and CDs. Since then, these stereo systems have evolved greatly. Today, the systems are able to bring music, movies, video games and television to their users with intense surround sound.

These Lifestyle Stereo Systems all operate through technology that is easy to understand. The models provide onscreen messages while their users are setting the systems up, as well as easy remote control navigation menus for setup and further usage.

In terms of serious surround sound, the Bose Lifestyle Stereo Sytems use ADAPTiQ technology, which is a patented system that allows everyone their personal flexibility while ensuring enhanced performance of the media. Users can wear headphones and test out the different tones and work with the technology to manipulate the perfect audio experience.

All of the different models also use the Acoustimass bass module, with five speakers. Bose adapted the technology to work with DVD players back in 2001. These systems today can all scan DVD players, CD players, AM/FM radios and universal remotes.

The latest version that Bose came out with was the Lifestyle V-Class system, which was brought out in 2007. This system is different because it comes without an internal CD/DVD player. The difference between the different V-Class models come down to the speakers.