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Heritage Professional BBQ Grill Set

Need a good gift idea? If he or she is a griller, you'll want to check this out! The Heritage Professional Stainless Steel BBQ Tools Set contains everything you will need to go BAM! like Emeril. The set comes with a grill light (which attaches to the side of your grill), 3-in-1 waiter’s corkscrew, spatula, tongs, fork, knife, basting brush, two skewers, cleaning brush with scraper, and a Super-Bright Chef’s Fork. The computerized chef's fork is pretty cool. It has a spotlight and built-in thermometer with 16 "doneness" levels for cooking meats perfectly.

I find it annoying when I see rust on cooking utensils, luckily the BBQ tools are rust resistant, and are also easy to clean. The included tools have extra long rosewood handles to protect you from grilling your hands. I always enjoy cooking and not getting burned, because I find that getting burned can be very painful. I wish all kitchen utensils would have extra long rosewood handles. The tools are heat resistant, and are cleanly stored away in the provided molded case.

Wall Street Journal even named it the best overall BBQ tool set.

Available from Brookstone


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