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Samuel Adams’ Utopia

sam adams utopiaSamuel Adams' Utopias are one of the most expensive beers in the world, and also the strongest. This beer is strong, rich and dark, has almost no carbonation and should be savored. It is made by the Boston Brew Company that took the brand name of one of America's founding members, Samuel Adams. Mr. Adams himself was supposedly a brewer!

Samuel Adams Utopia is brewed with all four kinds of Noble hops, giving it an herbal, earthly taste. They use a variety of yeast, such as the kind used in champagne. It has been aged in Scotch, Cognac and Port barrels. They are packaged into collectible copper-finished brew kettle decanter, resembling antique beer. Because of this unique brewing and packaging, this beer tastes more like vintage Port, Cognac or sherry.

It is 54 proof, so you can definitely taste the alcohol, and it tastes warm without any residual burn. Its taste resembles caramel, cherry, vanilla, dark fruits and even wood. It has been reviewed as overpowering, yet pleasant. It is meant for people to sip, not to gulp, and is very thick. Many think it has more of a smell than a taste, and its smell resembles fine whiskey. It leaves a strong, dry, enjoyable aftertaste.

This is a collector's item. Each bottle is individually serialized. It retailed for $100 per bottle, but you can buy it from individuals for an assorted variety of prices.

Purchase: eBay, Internet Wines (temporarily out of stock). You must be over 21 to buy it.