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Space Tourism Companies

Has it been your dream to take a trip out of this world and look upon it from the heavens?  This is something people could have never imagined at the beginning of time.  In today's day and age, traveling to space isn't ONLY to be done by astronauts; anyone who has the health and wealth can make this amazing journey.


The flight of the world's first space tour took place in 2001.  This was done by the company known as Space Adventures.  They offer three types of space tours.  There mission is your space flight.  By joining the Space Adventures Lunar Mission you will contribute to the dawning of a new era in space exploration and enter the history books alongside the great explorers.  The cost is $100 million.  There have been six individuals to have already experienced this adventure of a lifetime.

The two most popular space tourism companies are Space Adventures and Virgin Galactic.  Virgin Galactic announced that Park Avenue Travel had been selected as one of only forty two travel agencies in North America to become an accredited space agency and there are seats left to fill.  These people can expect to be amongst the first 1,000 humans in space and to fly within Virgin Galactic’s first year of operation.  With them it costs $150,000 to be among seat numbers 200 to 299, $125,000 to be among seat numbers 300 to 399 and $100,000 to be among seat numbers 400 to 500. They are asking for a 10% deposit of $20,000 to secure a numbered seat reservation in this category and expect to start flying this group during the second year of operation.

More affordable suborbital space tourism is viewed as a money-making proposition by several other companies, including Starchaser, Blue Origin, Armadillo Aerospace, XCOR Aerospace, Rocketplane Limited, the European "Project Enterprise" and others.

Most are proposing vehicles that make suborbital flights peaking at an altitude of 100-160 kilometres.  Passengers would experience three to six minutes of weightlessness, a view of a twinkle-free starfield, and a vista of the curved Earth below.  Projected costs are expected to be about $200,000 per passenger.

If you want to see a time line of space exploration in general, click HERE.


Otherwise, if you are one of the few who can afford to experience such an adventure, enjoy the view up there as you make history!


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