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The WiFi Multi Media Robot

wifiThis small robot by Hammacher Schlemmer can totally make your life easier and safer. It comes with a video camera, microphone, and motion detector. You can use it for surveillance when you go out, or just as a telephone. It is hooked up into your wireless home network.

You can send this robot to do surveillance in particular areas for up to 30 feet away from your router. When it is stationary, it can detect the motion and then send that information to your computer. It will be forwarded to your cell phone, where you can view an intruder with sight and sound, coming straight from the robot's video camera. Do not worry if it is dark; you have the ability to set off its headlamp using the computer if you need a clearer view. This robot is probably best for people who do not have many pets running around the house, as there will be many false alarms!

You can install this robot's software onto a computer that has Windows XP or Vista, or on a Macintosh. You have a control interface, where you can control the robot's movement into any direction. You can view what it is recording out of its video camera, which provides 320 x 240 resolution at 15 fps.

Apart from security, your robot can entertain you. You can assemble it as its typical robot shape, a lunar vehicle or a scorpion. It works by battery, which lasts three hours after a three hour power rest. It can play eight sound effects, and you can hook it up to your computer to play MP3s through its 2-watt speaker.

Ages 8 and up. It retails for $299.95, plus shipping and handling. Its dimensions are: 12 1/2" in height x 8 3/4" in width x 8" in depth. It weighs five pounds. It comes with lifetime guarantee.

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