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Eagle’s Nest

The bone chilling cold that blankets much of America in February can really break your spirit. The days are long and dreary and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Well, fear not, a trip to Eagle's Nest in lovely, warm Russell, New Zealand will put that spring back in your step.
This gorgeous year-round vacation spot features a micro climate that is perfect for outdoor pursuits no matter what the time of year. The accommodations available at the Eagle's nest are more than luxurious, they are breathtaking. Each of the five amazing villas feature private Jacuzzis, home theater systems, gourmet kitchens and original works of art. Some also offer heated "horizon edged" lap pools that provide views of the breathtaking Bay of Islands. The villas are decorated in an eclectic style with well-appointed amenities.

Dining at Eagle's Nest is world-class. Personal chefs prepare delectable meals featuring locally caught fish and seafood in your private villa. The Eagle's Nest features an extensive wine cellar from which guests may choose a perfect vintage to accompany each wonderful course.

Eagle's Nest is the perfect place to sit back and relax but there are so many activities available it may be hard to keep still. Deep sea and big game fishing are top pursuits in the Bay of Islands and sea kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving are also available. A lovely day at sea can be had sailing through the many small islands, bays and coves.

Guests can book a customized vacation online and also view Eagle's Nest special offers. Doubles start at around NZ$1450.


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