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Harry Winston Jewelry

Anyone who has ever watched a Hollywood awards show has heard of Harry Winston Jewelry. The company's creations have adorned the wrists, necks and fingers of some of Hollywood's most beautiful women and men. This year make your Valentine feel like a superstar by giving her (or him) a piece of jewelry from this prestigious collection.

The House of Harry Winston is one of the largest and most well-known jewelry empires in the world. The founder, Harry Winston, was a master at choosing the perfect diamonds and crafting a setting to display the stone's brilliance. Winston used platinum wire settings instead of the typical heavy metal to set off the luminosity of each diamond. Today, Harry Winston Jewelers continues in the tradition of creating classic yet modern pieces centered around each perfect stone.

The contemporary Sunflower Collection is a personal favorite. The bracelet features sunflowers crafted of a center stone surrounded by eight brilliant round diamonds. The platinum setting almost disappears and the diamonds seem like they are floating on the skin. It is truly breathtaking! The bracelet holds a total of 15.70 carats of diamonds and costs $65,000.00. Now, that would make for a Happy Valentine's Day!


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