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King Crab Legs: Fit For A King

king-crab-legs-surf-and-turfAs the holidays near, I am starting to plan (er, have my people plan for me) what holiday dinners around our estate will be about. I get tired of the same old ham/turkey/whatever that seems to be the predominant theme around this time of year, and have been investigating different options.

What I've come up with for this year is a stockpile of King Crab Legs and Beef Tenderloin: A great surf & turf combo with the best of the sea and the best of the land. Lobster in my mind is over rated, especially those tiny little tails. I'm talking massive, colossal king crab legs, the kind where they weigh over 2lbs per leg!

As far as cooking them, Maurice, our chef will probably throw these legs under the broiler with some seasoning and butter. I'm still thinking about what to have as sides so if anyone has thoughts, we'd love to hear them.