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The Best Ultrasonic Jewelery Cleaner

jewelery machineHave an abundance of beautiful jewelery that needs to be cleaned? Don't trust doing it yourself, or handing your precious jewels to someone else? Hammacher Schlemmer has invited a tidy machine that will help maintain the shine and prestige of your gold, silver and platinum accessories.

This item is appropriately named “The Best Ultrasonic Jewelery Cleaner.” The Hammacher Schlemmer performed a series of tests and experiments, with this one as the sole winner for effectiveness and ease of use. It is very effective because it generates 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves meant to clear off any dust or loose particles from various articles of jewelry in its 16-ounce stainless steel tank. You do not have to be insanely technology literate to utilize the machine. It has an easily comprehensible maximum fill line, which you can fill with regular tap water.

The Best Ultrasonic Jewelery Cleaner comes with a three-minute auto-shutoff setting, as well as a viewing window. There is a light inside of it, so you can keep an eye on your jewelery and watch how it's doing. Because it is ultrasonic, this machine is very quiet, so it won't be a nuisance to have around.

In addition to precious metals, you can use this jewelery cleaner on gems, waterproof watches, CDs, dentures and eye glasses!

Product specs:

  • Plugs into AC
  • 8” Length x 6.5” Width x 5.25” Depth
  • 2.75lbs
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Price: $59.95

Purchase: Hammacher Schlemmer


Golden Faberge Egg Honors 9/11 Fallen

new-pat-eggIf you want to live a little of the luxury life but don't know where to turn to find the goods, online auction site eBay is often a great place to start. You'll find, in addition to all of those common goods, some quite luxurious items to fill your new mansion. Case in point is this very limited edition Faberge New Patriot Egg, in the final hours of bidding at a starting price of $185,000.

This particular Faberge, one of only six of its specific type, was crafted by Theo Faberge, the late grandson of Carl Faberge. It was done to honor the heroes of September 11, 2001. It is crafted of 18 karat yellow gold, red gold and other gold. The eagle atop the egg is gold as well, with its eyes made of ruby.

Inside the egg is a moving solid gold scene of Ground Zero, portrayed by an American flag. Get your credit cards out.

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Harry Winston Jewelry

Anyone who has ever watched a Hollywood awards show has heard of Harry Winston Jewelry. The company's creations have adorned the wrists, necks and fingers of some of Hollywood's most beautiful women and men. This year make your Valentine feel like a superstar by giving her (or him) a piece of jewelry from this prestigious collection.

The House of Harry Winston is one of the largest and most well-known jewelry empires in the world. The founder, Harry Winston, was a master at choosing the perfect diamonds and crafting a setting to display the stone's brilliance. Winston used platinum wire settings instead of the typical heavy metal to set off the luminosity of each diamond. Today, Harry Winston Jewelers continues in the tradition of creating classic yet modern pieces centered around each perfect stone.

The contemporary Sunflower Collection is a personal favorite. The bracelet features sunflowers crafted of a center stone surrounded by eight brilliant round diamonds. The platinum setting almost disappears and the diamonds seem like they are floating on the skin. It is truly breathtaking! The bracelet holds a total of 15.70 carats of diamonds and costs $65,000.00. Now, that would make for a Happy Valentine's Day!


Daniel K Jewelry

Anyone who has ever purchased a diamond is familiar with the 4 Cs; cut, clarity, color and carat. These characteristics help to identify rare and valuable diamonds and if “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, then Daniel K jewelry is a man’s best choice.

At Daniel K, fine diamond jewelry is crafted from brilliant white diamonds with only the highest ratings in the 4 Cs. The Daniel K brand was launched ten years ago with a line of Assher and emerald cut engagement and wedding rings and today features fashion pieces including bracelets, pendants and necklaces. The fine jewelry industry embraced Daniel K designs and the company became well known and well respected in the jewelry community.

Founder and creative director, Daniel Koren designs and inspects each piece of jewelry created to exacting standards. The designs are unique and powerful and each setting is crafted to bring out the full brilliance of the diamond. Due to the unparalleled quality of the diamonds selected these pieces do not lose their value.

Daniel K's line of fashion jewelry has a loyal following of elite customers and is worn by celebrities like Debra Messing, Mary J. Blige and Halle Berry, to name a few. The stunning collection of right-hand rings designed by Daniel K along with the Reverso Collection, in which every piece can be worn two ways, have made Daniel K one of the most celebrated and sought after designers of fine jewelry.

Jewelry by Daniel K is not only beautiful, it is extremely wearable. Each piece is crafted with accomplished women in mind so that the pieces fit into an active lifestyle. The workmanship is second to none making each ring a priceless possession that is destined to become a family heirloom.