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Cirrus Personal Jet

If you're the type that prefers to fly your plane rather than just ride in it, you'll know that there aren't too many turbine-powered choices unless you take a page from Mr. Travolta himself and become fully certified for a 747. For the rest of us who still have to work during the day, (yes, golfing with your investment partners can be considered work) taking fully accredited commercial airliner lessons isn't really feasible.

Cirrus has taken special consideration to the term, "Personal Jet." Cirrus CEO and Chairman Alan Klapmeier stresses that the planes they build are not only of extreme high quality, but are also practical fliers for casual pilots. The Personal Jet should be just that-personal, and to achieve that means a comfortable cabin, but also ease of use, well behaved both on the ground, and in the air. Offering features such as an over-sized wing to reduce approach speeds, as well as larger windows for increased visibility, and a cockpit that is optimized for single-pilot operation. Better yet, "The-Jet" has the performance of a turbine powered airframe, with the low speed performance of a high-performance prop, allowing you to land on shorter runways then any of your other Jet buddies.

Since having enough money to purchase a jet typically means you have friends who want rides, Cirrus made sure to include 5 fully functional and reclining seats in the cabin, as well as two smaller, stow seats for additional crew.

The plane is still in developmental stages, and the body panels are undergoing extensive testing to reduce cabin noise, increase performance and make the plane more stable at the uncanny low stall speeds. We're not sure exactly when this will be available, but Cirrus is accepting reservations via their website, www.the-jet.com.


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