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Jacob & Co. 5 Timezone Watch

With all the choices for timepieces available to a consumer today, it can be overwhelming. While some companies are more popular among the casual-wealth market, those of us who wish to sent a new trend or distinguish ourselves apart from the crowd look for items that not only appeal to our tastes, but also serve our various personalities. For such an important purchase as a wrist-watch, for example, it's critical that our needs are met.

The Jacob & Co. 5 Timezone Watch is growing in popularity among the most lavish spenders, not because of the price, but more the prestigious look of the watch. Surrounding the face, large diamonds bring the eye to the piece, which then shows off its capabilities. Having Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York and your choice for the 5th is overwhelming to some, but perfect for the rest of us, especially as a conversation starter for your brand new G5 (Learjets will do just fine).

At a price of about $13,000 and some extra change, you can acquire what is one of the classiest, yet eye-catching timepieces available.

For a list of retailers near you, please visit the Jacob & Co. website


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