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Element Four Watermill: Make Your Own Water

element-four-watermillElement Four's Watermill is due to ship to residential customers in "September or October" and you can reserve your spot on the production list for only $25.

One key factor to remember about the Watermill is that it isn't meant to produce water for your entire household usage such as shower and toilet usage - only for drinking and cooking. With that in mind, the 2.9 gallons that it can produce on a daily basis should be more than adequate for most households.


  • Price: $995 (introductory)
  • Water Production: 2.9 gallons per day
  • Where to Buy: elementfour.com

Making your own drinking water may sound a bit extreme when you don't really need to, but it actually could be useful. Here's a few scenarios in which you might want to consider your own water-producing machine:

  • You distrust your local water supply. Typically they are government run, and of course we know how much we all trust the governments of this world.
  • Water quality where you live is poor, even with filtration.
  • You don't have access to a fresh water supply. Maybe it's your private dive shack in the Caribbean, or a remote hunting cabin. Either way, you probably have to haul your water with you, until now.
  • Disaster preparedness. Storing water is a pain, and you may still run out. Hook up one of these magic boxes to a solar panel and you're golden.

The Watermill will be sold at $995 to the first 5000 pre-orders, although my guess is you probably won't see a huge price jump after the initial batch. Maybe a few hundred dollars, but really what difference would that make since even at twice the price it's a good deal.


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