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Element Four Watermill: Make Your Own Water

element-four-watermillElement Four's Watermill is due to ship to residential customers in "September or October" and you can reserve your spot on the production list for only $25.

One key factor to remember about the Watermill is that it isn't meant to produce water for your entire household usage such as shower and toilet usage - only for drinking and cooking. With that in mind, the 2.9 gallons that it can produce on a daily basis should be more than adequate for most households.


  • Price: $995 (introductory)
  • Water Production: 2.9 gallons per day
  • Where to Buy: elementfour.com

Making your own drinking water may sound a bit extreme when you don't really need to, but it actually could be useful. Here's a few scenarios in which you might want to consider your own water-producing machine:

  • You distrust your local water supply. Typically they are government run, and of course we know how much we all trust the governments of this world.
  • Water quality where you live is poor, even with filtration.
  • You don't have access to a fresh water supply. Maybe it's your private dive shack in the Caribbean, or a remote hunting cabin. Either way, you probably have to haul your water with you, until now.
  • Disaster preparedness. Storing water is a pain, and you may still run out. Hook up one of these magic boxes to a solar panel and you're golden.

The Watermill will be sold at $995 to the first 5000 pre-orders, although my guess is you probably won't see a huge price jump after the initial batch. Maybe a few hundred dollars, but really what difference would that make since even at twice the price it's a good deal.


Green Luxury

Today’s obsession with all things “green” has spilled into every market, including luxury items.  There are all types of products from bed linens to table wine that are produced in a way that is better for our health and better for our environment.  But which products are the best?

Here is a list of the “greenest” and most luxurious products for 2009:

Life is Sweet

Life is Sweet

Eco Friendly Chocolates:

Chocolates from Life is Sweet are truly an indulgence worth making.  Each piece looks like art and tastes like heaven.  With flavors like Ethiopian Coffee and Peach Blossom you can’t mistake these divine sweets. The best part?  The chocolates are USDA certified organic and Fair trade certified.  Your waistline may not thank you, but the planet will!

Samurai Scrub

Samurai Scrub

Skincare That Cares For The Earth:

Treat yourself to the best in skincare with Mod.Skin products.  This line of skin care products is crafted with your skin and the earth’s health as top priorities.  The products are all made without the dreaded phthalates and parabens we all detest and have no synthetic dyes or detergents.  The fresh, clean scents and unique ingredients are all endlessly researched by the very knowledgeable founder.  What’s even better is that Mod.Skin uses minimal packaging and does not test on animals.  Now isn't that worth the indulgence?

Organic Linens

Organic Linens

Organic Cotton Bed Linens:

Rest in luxury also knowing you are doing a good deed in LUMA’s organic pima cotton bed linens.  The gorgeous colors and soft feel will send you off to sleep in style while you dream of all the good you’re doing the world.  LUMA uses only organic cotton farmed using natural and safe processes that protect the health of the surrounding community.  Luxury with a conscience!

Neom Organic Candles

Neom Organic Candles

Socially Responsible Candles:

And if all these good deeds haven't soothed your soul, cheer yourself with an uplifting scent.  NEOM Luxury Organics provides the perfect solution with the Brazilian Orange Blossom candle.  This scent is known to lift the spirit and calm the nerves.  The best part about NEOM candles is that they are 100% organic and have none of the harmful chemicals or nasty paraffin found in lesser candles.  What a bright idea!


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