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Burberry Dog Clothes and Accessories

Burberry offers a number of fashionable coats and accessories that your dog can show off, or match its owner's Burberry clothing. They have finally turned the ultra-fine European fabric toward the pet world.

willowinburberry018There is the Burberry lined Check Wool dog coat. Its price increases according to its size. They range from sizes 18-30, and cost from $90-145. It has soft, thick wool with chest and underbelly closures. The wool will certainly keep your dog warm in the cold weather. Buy from Uptown Pets.

labburberryThen they also sell the Burberry Tan Thorn-proof jacket with plaid lining. The stylish plaid is displayed on the black collar and the underbelly fabric, so everyone knows your dog's taste. Sizes range from 8-22, and cost from $60-105. Great for hiking or berry picking! Buy from Uptown Pets.

burbcoatsdecThere is also a Burberry Black Thorn-proof jacket. It is made up of black cotton twill with nylon lining, and of course displays the plaid on the back collar and underbelly. Sizes range from 18-22, and prices are $80-100. Black is better for the dogs who like to rough it, as it will show less damage. Buy from Uptown Pets.

burb red sweaterIf your dog loves soft surfaces, Burberry also sells cashmere dog sweaters. They range from $50 (used)-$195 retail. They are knitted, and come with some Burberry plaid pocket linings, and display “Burberry Dog” on the back. Buy from eBay.

burb dog leashIf you want to top it off and really match everything, you can always get the Burberry Dog Leash. It is PVC with a brown leather trim, has brass toned hardware, and is 50 inches long. It costs $128. Buy from Designer Imports.