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Sailing off into the sunset–for a paycheck!


 Ever dream of sailing off into the sunset--and getting paid for it? The Schooner Welcome, based in Hilton Head in South Carolina, is looking for a mate. If you're able-bodied (can lift 15-20 lbs) and boat savvy you may be interested in the job description below.

The basics:

The Schooner Welcome, a 62’ Gaff Rig Schooner, is seeking a qualified person for the position of MATE. The Schooner Welcome sails from Shelter Cove Marina on narrated 3 hour sailing charters.

The requirements:

Mate candidates must have knowledge of boating and local waters, be energetic, able to follow instructions well, and hardworking. Requirements include having a neat appearance, great customer service skills and a professional/positive attitude. Must be able to lift 15-20 lbs and willing to complete first aid/cpr certification. Drug free work place.

The duties:

Duties include: assisting the captain aboard the boat, raising and lowering sails, boat clean up and maintenance and working with customers. Sailing experience and/or a business/tourism background a plus.

The perks:

Great opportunity for someone interested in obtaining their captain’s license. Pay: $10/hour + tips.

The contact:

Please email resume to [email protected]

Position begins immediately.


Getting Started Sailing

Sailing may not be as common a sport as bowling or football but if you live near water it can be just as accessible. You don't have a boat? You've never sailed? You don't know any sailors? You don't have the funds for lessons? It doesn't matter. There’s a wonderful symbiotic relationship for any would-be sailor to take advantage of: you need a boat and the skipper needs crew.

Crewing on a sailboat usually does not require any special skills, background or ability except for the desire to learn and a good attitude (offering to bring along snacks is never discouraged). If you don’t have a boat of your own or much sailing experience it can be a fantastic way to get out on the water, learn new skills, meet new people, and enjoy the sport. Here are a few tips and hints for finding a boat, having fun, and getting invited back.


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