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12 Cool New Cars for Teens With Money

Autoweek yesterday announced their list of 10 Great and Safe Rides for Teens but we think this is so boring, not to mention the list of cars is horrid and I'd never want to see even my childrens' school teachers driving these. What am I saying? My kids are privately educated - at home - but I think the point is made.

This has inspired me to pick 12 Cool Cars for Teens who have money. I've set the price limit a low $50k (since it's not good to just give money away to your children - they have to earn it) and the car must be new, as a 2009 or 2010 model year car. Here's what I've come up with, in no particular order.

1. BMW 135i


BMW has long been known for making safe, fun cars and the 135 doesn't fail to deliver. Compact and very well balanced, it makes good use of the twin-turbo 300hp engine. If that's not enough, turn to Dinan and for the dollar difference from mid-30's to our 50k limit you'll have a street rocket like no other, still in full warranty and free maintenance.


Fashion for the Younger Set

FAO Schwartz has been fulfilling kid’s dreams for many years by offering the largest array of quality toys that can be found anywhere in the world. From stuffed bears to motor scooters, FAO Schwartz has it all!

The famed children’s store in New York City is offering an astounding opportunity for girls of all ages. The Deluxe Experience Fashion Design Package (by Imagine This) is a dream come true for budding fashion designers and all girls who simply love clothes.

The package, available for purchase online, allows girls to design their own wardrobe and work with a professional New York City designer to bring those ideas to life. The package comes with an elegant portfolio filled with fabric swatches, sketching tools and a questionnaire to discover the precise desires of your young designer. Your child will choose everything from the fit to the fabric and will even design her own label to finish off her one-of-a-kind wardrobe.

Imagine the delight of your daughter when she sees her designs come to life! The clothing will be handcrafted, of course, and will reach your child in about eight weeks. The package includes two complete outfits and two custom-created handbags along with ten professional sketches of the entire collection.

This gift will not only encourage creativity, it will give your child a sense of pride when she wears her “designer collection”. The entire kit is just $2,400.00 and is recommended for ages three and up.


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