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Luxury Phones

We're all sure you're aware of the "normal" luxury phones. Quite frankly, who honestly needs a phone that allows you to call a concierge, book tickets for an event, or fly in a helicopter to get you off of the Swiss Alps? We figure, save the money you'd be spending on getting rediculous services like that and get a Amex Black Card or something-you probably already have one anyway.

Knalihs Athem iPhone - Don't ask us how to pronounce his name, but his nickname could be "bling." Take a standard iPhone 3G and add about $10,000 worth of diamonds to the outside of it, and you get the Limited Diamond Edition. No real point to this phone as far as expanded services or features, but watch out, it may blind you.

Knalihs Athem Nokia - Don't want an iPhone? We don't blame you for that, but surely then you'll find a need for a diamond encrusted Nokia 8800! Again, outlined in diamonds this Nokia is sure to turn a few heads, and it looks extremely streamlined.

GoldVish - If you're still not sold on our idea of a cost effective technique for your mobiles, then check out GoldVish. GoldVish offers a line of mobiles ranging from Gold, all the way across to diamond encrusted and rose gold plated devices. All the rage with hollywood personalities and execs looking to send a message. (Not literally, for that check out Blackberry)

Hopefully this gives you a few idea on where to travel next on the cellular phone search, and if not, it at least gives your significant other something to beg you for.


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