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Kona Coffee

kona-coffeeThe exquisite Kona Coffee from Hawaii is like no other. Though expensive, the true coffee connoisseur is sure to be impressed by these very special beans, which are some of the most sought-after and reputable in the world.

Kona Coffee is unique because it only comes from the Kona Coast of Big Island, Hawaii, and its taste is particular to this area's growing capabilities. There are only a few farms that have the ability to grow Kona Coffee, and most of them have been owned by the same families for decades. This specific environment is situated on the slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa Mountains, where morning sun is followed by afternoon cloud coverage, and the mineral-rich volcanic ash in the soil create perfect coffee-growing conditions. This plant was originally brought into the Kona region of Hawaii in 1828 from Brazilian cuttings, but the ecology of its growing region are what make it special.

Kona Coffee is graded, and then handpicked before it is pulped, dried and hulled. The coffee beans are then assorted according to size and shape. When Kona Coffee beans are roasted, this is executed in a very involved but artistic manner, whether it is into a dark or medium roast.

When you're looking for the best coffee on earth, be sure to give Kona Coffee a try. Here is a handy list of places you can buy Kona coffee.

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