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Romanicos Gourmet Chocolates

Valentine's day is quickly approaching and whether you feel it is an over-hyped waste of time or you truly buy into the romance of the holiday you will probably have to buy someone a gift. This week I plan on providing a list of gifts that will thrill the special someone in your life and make this Valentine's Day one you will both remember.

The typical Valentine's Day gift is, of course, chocolates. The heart shaped box evokes memories of childhood crushes and teen angst. This year why not opt for a more sophisticated version of the classic. Romanicos Gourmet Chocolates are some of the finest in the world. The small company was founded by Venezuelan-born Alejandra Bigai, who believed that better chocolate should be available in the U.S. and set out to provide just that. Using only manually picked, wild cocoa beans the confections are 100% preservative and chemical free. The company also, amazingly, uses no sugar or butter in the production of its chocolates. This creates a lower calorie chocolate (only 38 calories per truffle!) with a taste that is completely chocolate. Romanicos Chocolates can only be purchased at one of their retail stores or online because they refuse to use resellers. The lack of preservatives used in the chocolates make them delicate and the freshness must be maintained through correct storage. Each package is handstamped with an expiration date.

Romanicos Gourmet Chocolates features beautiful "chocolate art" and sinfully delicious truffles. With names like Wild Coconut, Passion Carmel and Sexy Cherry a gift of these delectable chocolates is certain to spice up your Valentine's Day!

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