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Grand Pet Estate

We all love our pets. They are like a member of the family and when it comes to treating them right there is petestate1nothing more important than providing them with a special place they can call their own. That is why Posh Living created the Grand Pet Estate. This custom built dog (or cat) house is crafted to your exact design specifications. There are countless exterior options enabling you to create the perfect home for your special pet. These high-end little homes can include necessary amenities like running water, electricity and central air conditioning, not to mention cable access and a wireless communication system. Fabulous to say the least! The interior design possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Window treatments, flooring, furnishings, rugs and paint and wall treatments can all be chosen to meet your pet's specific desires. You can even have a closet installed for all those amazing designer outfits. Your pet will thank you as she lounges in the luxury of her own little estate!

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