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All Inclusive Resorts Exposed

everythingresortsWe know you got cash and aren't afraid to drop it on whatever you want. However, no one wants to be mislead or ripped off. When it comes to all inclusive resorts it seems that nearly each resort has a different definition of the words "all inclusive" and you really never know what you're getting. Thankfully there's a site called Everything Resorts that helps you make sense out of what is actually included. They review each resort's list of what's included, post a number of photos of the resort and help you make a more informed decision when you're looking for a truly all inclusive vacation experience.

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Royal Hotel, Paris

royalThe Royal Hotel is one of the great ways to tour the world-renowned Parisian lifestyle. It is located in the center of the city, in walking distance from the Avenue de Champs des Elysses, the Grand Palias and a luxury shopping area. The hotel combines the beauty of nineteenth-century aspects with modern comfort and interior design. The hotel also offers a bar, parking, concierge services, a business center and currency exchange.

The Royal Hotel contains 58 rooms, that are known to combine elegance and refinement. Thirty of these rooms have an aesthetically pleasing view of the Arc de Triomphe. All of these rooms are air conditioned, have cable/satellite TV, a minibar, room service, a personal safety box, a telephone and a hairdryer. All have a gorgeous marble bath and shower, and have free WiFi.

A Classic Room is the most standard room in the hotel. Even so, it measures between 15-20 meters square, and overlooks the hotel’s patio. They are located on the Rue de Chateaubriand. A Superior Room is the next step up, with the size of 25-30 meters square. You can get a double bed, or two single beds, and get an extra bed set up on request. They are located on the Avenue de Friedland, a few meters from the Arc de Triomphe. The Chamber Executive is top-notch. It offers a view of the Arc de Triomphe, and the bright lights of Paris. It is 35-40 meters square, and has either a large bed or two double beds, extra bed available on request.

Rates differ depending on when you come and what room you stay in. A popular deal is the “Romantic Weekend” for 169 € / night in a Classic Room and 199 € / night in a Superior Room. It includes one buffet breakfast per person, and a complimentary bottle of champagne. Perfect for luxurious honeymoons or anniversaries!


The Plaza Hotel: New York City


The Plaza Hotel of New York City is famous for setting the standard for posh accommodation. It has 20 stories with 282 guest rooms, which includes 102 suites. It is in a perfect location for an extravagant NYC visit, as it is located by the shopping district of Fifth Avenue, which includes anything from Gucci to Giorgio Armani to Louis Vuitton, and then the entrance to Central Park South.

DSCF5397The Plaza was designed by architect Henry Janeway Hardenbergh and was opened on October 1, 1907. When it opened, a room would cost $2.50. Today, that same room is $3,750. It is the only hotel in NYC to be designated as a National Historic Landmark. It is famous for being the site of the Eloise books by Kay Thompson, as well as movies like Plaza Suite (1971) and Home Alone Two: Lost in New York (1992).

There are various amenities that your stay will include. All rooms at the Plaza Hotel include Beaux Arts inspired decoration, white glove butler service, daily housekeeping service, Concierge Direct flat panel screen, wireless tablet to control heating and lighting, high speed internet access (for $14.95/day), electronic locking system, gold-plated Sherle Wagner fixtures, white marble vanities, Mascioni bath towels and linens (100% cotton), custom Miller Harris toiletries, hairdryer, refrigerated bar, 24 hour room service, hairdryer, spacious closets, patted hangers, in-room safe, DVD player, stereo system, music and video library access, iron and ironing board and newspapers. Cots and cribs are available upon request!


There are several restaurants in the Plaza Hotel. One is the recently restored Oak Room, a cocktail lounge, which overlooks beautiful views of Central Park and has cityscape murals by Everett Shinn. Then there is the Rose Club, which is situated on two levels to overlook the Fifth Avenue Lobby. It has cocktail appetizers and a lighter gourmet menu. The Champagne Bar is a great place for tasting the world's best champagnes, as well as morning Continental or American Breakfasts with delicious designer coffees. Dress code for all of these establishments is Smart Casual.

The Health Club in the Plaza Hotel is also something else. It features steam rooms, designer skin products, fitness classes, an Olympic size pool and state-of-the art exercise machines. To get around New York City, the concierge will assist you in accessing taxi or limousine arrangements. Guests are also welcome to use the Rolls Royce Phantom.


Mardan Palace

Mardan PalaceMardan Palace Antalya is the most expensive hotel of Europe and the Mediterranean. It is located in Lara, Antalya, Turkey, and was built by Azerbaijan billionaire Telman Ismailov, president of a Russian company. It cost $1.4 billion to create, and was Ismailov's first hotel project, at which he spared no expense. Antalya is becoming an upscale resort area of Turkey, and this hotel was inspired by Ottoman architecture. It is located 10 kilometers from the airport, and 15 kilometers from the Antalya city center.

mardan palace 2This resort was opened up recently, on May 23, 2009, and this event attracted celebrities like Seal, Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Monica Belluci, Tom Jones and even Narsultan Nazarbayev, the president of Kazakhstan. This hotel features the Mediterranean's biggest swimming pool, a sunken aquarium with over 2,000 fish. There is a gondola ride to either side of the pool. For those who do not like pools, there is a private beach with 9,000 tons of Egyptian sand. Its lobby is extremely grandiose, full of ruby and gold furniture and settings, and many chandeliers. The hotel has four aquariums to display fish from seas around the world.

This hotel has 560 rooms, a 12,000 square foot spa with snow in one of the rooms, a restaurant surrounded by one of the gorgeous aquariums, a ballroom, an events area, a seminar hall, a sauna and insane natural surroundings. There are 10,000 square meters of gold leaf, 500,000 crystals and 23,000 square meters made from Italian marble. Prices per room vary, and suites could cost you up to $18,000 per night.


Luxury Spas

All of us are faced with difficult lives, stress at work and the home, stuck in traffic and plus the weather is often not so great. Well, one of the best ways to unwind is to go for a luxury spa treatment. For those who have never had a special spa treatment, it is something out of this world. But I am not talking about the rinky dinky spa around the street corner- I am talking about going to a real professional spa, perhaps a resort. Countless resorts, hotels and tourist areas offer spa services which are invigorating.

Unlike the old days when a spa service was a rub on the body for 4 minutes followed by a sauna, this is no longer true today. Most luxury spas offer massages, manicures, facial and a variety of other holistic treatments to energize you.

A visit to a luxury spa is all about being pampered. Besides having beautiful therapists offer their therapeutic touch, the place is also soothing, smells great and relaxing. And of course you also get the herbal tea or wine if you prefer.

The moment you arrive, you are made to feel important. Everyone caters to you.

Among the treatments I would highly recommend are the body and foot massages. All you have to do is disrobe and lie on a warm bed. The therapists will incorporate a moisturizing cream and rub it all over you. If you want to feel fresh, just ask for a peppermint foot massage. The fingers can relieve stress, headaches, makes you feel nice, warm and beautiful.

For those who want something exotic, try the body massage with warm stone which are rotated over your body. There are also lavish luxury spa services for couples which create a memorable experience.

The great thing about luxury spa services is that you do not have to travel. Almost every major city has ample hotels and private firms which cater to clients.

For those who are planning on a vacation, check with you hotel about the availability of spa services- it will probably be the best part of your trip.

Most lavish luxury spa services start around $ 150 and above; the more treatments you have, the higher the cost. However, most hotels do offer discounts for multiple sessions.


The Burj Al Arab- 7 star luxury in Dubai.

There are many great hotels all over the globe but few can even come close to the Burj Al Arab. This spectacular hotel built in the shape of an Arabic Dhow (sailing boat) took 6 years to build and is as tall as the statue of liberty.

The Burj Al Arab is built on a man made island along the shores of the gulf coast in the city of Dubai. It provides a majestic view of the Dubai skyline. Not only glamorous from the outside, it is exceptionally beautiful inside.

One can not walk to the hotel. When a booking reservation is made (and it is usually full), you will be chauffeured in either a silver Rolls Royce or a BMW (of course the latest model). The hotel is linked to the mainland via a small winding road. For those who arrive by air at the Dubai international airport (and can afford it), there is a helicopter ferry which takes you right to the top of the hotel. There is no wait at the receptionist’s desk because each room has its own receptionist and butler.

Once inside, the hotel is full of opulence and traditional eastern style beauty combined with classical gothic architecture. The service is superb (see below for the cost per night and you will see why). You simply have to ask what you want. Another impressive site about this hotel is the location of the tennis court which juts out at about 200 meters above sea level. During night time, it provides a view of Dubai which can best be described as Nirvana. The entire hotel is built with the most expensive materials from around the globe.

Even though the hotel is towering, it has only 202 suites- all of which are elegantly decorated and have state of the art electronics including a flat screen TV. Not many guests go there to watch TV and so the channels available are not known.

Almost every visitor to the hotel compliments the service. You have our own butler 24 hours a day. All your wishes are granted- you just have to ask what you want.

There are 8 distinct restaurants at the Burj Al Arab. The most exquisite is the underwater sea food restaurant, the Oyster. You have to take a small mini submarine ride to get to it. Surrounded by an aquarium, it is simply awesome. While the food is expensive, the décor and service more than make up for it. The Sky View restaurant located at 200 meters above sea level offers breath taking views at night. Unfortunately, it does cost $100 simply to go inside-but worth every penny.

The Burj al Arab is not for all mortals, but if you have the money then there is no reason why one can’t go to stay there. A single night costs about $1000 if you can get a suite. The royal suites go for $28,000 per night and are not always available. Unfortunately, the recession has not hit the Burj Al Arab and so there is no chance of getting a discount.