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Allen Brothers Kobe Beef

During the cold winter months many of us trade the lite fare we normally eat for heartier, more comforting foods. Comfort foods usually consist of things like soups and stews but there are more luxurious options that still fit the bill for a cold winter night.
The taste of Kobe beef far exceeds that of any other red meat. The prized Japanese cattle, called Waygu, is raised on a strict diet of beer and grain to produce a superior product. The meat from these rare cattle is tender and succulent due to the high rate of marbling. The flavor is intense and the texture is velvety.
Prime Kobe beef can be purchased online at Allen Brothers which feature ribeyes, sirloins and fillets as well as an assortment of roasts. You can also select a sampler package that consists of several delicious fine cuts.
To take your dining experience to another level follow this amazing recipe from the Food Network for warm Kobe beef with truffle tea.

Top this meal off with a delicious glass of Rutherford Hill 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon with its rich, vibrant fruit flavor and velvety chocolate finish. Talk about comfort...you may just never leave the table.

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Luxury Gifts

Ever seen this logo before? If not, you should read on.

If you're not familiar with some high end luxury market, names such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Prada may seem prestigious. Granted, they are nice-however, spend some time looking through the smaller, individual boutiques and one will soon realize that luxury extends much further than household name brands (such as the ones I mentioned before) into the realm of branding that only the most savvy spenders know of. If you're looking for a gift and you'd like to impress, intrigue and surprise the lucky recipient, then here are a few brand names you may want to consider.

1. Breitling - While not as mysterious as some brands, instead of the typical Tag Heuer or Rolex timepiece, consider a Breitling. With aviation inspired design, these Swiss masterpieces are not as common and lead to great conversation. Beware of internet sales, as the company has had increasing numbers of fraud watch sales.

2. Waterford Crystal - Never heard of them? Well if you need some dinner plates or accents, they may have just what you need. What's their resume like? Nothing major, just the creation of the New York New Year's Eve Ball.

3. J. Mendel - Notorious for their fine fur, Gilles Mendel has also branched into the creation of exclusive and high-end evening dresses, which are all hand crafted, meaning that no two will ever be exactly alike.

4. Jacques Torres - Available either online or from their retail store located in New York, "Mr. Chocolate" offers a luxurious gift idea that is an alternative to the more commonly known Godiva. Worth a look if sweets are your thing, and most likely will be earning you some brownie points. Pun intended.


Jacob & Co. 5 Timezone Watch

With all the choices for timepieces available to a consumer today, it can be overwhelming. While some companies are more popular among the casual-wealth market, those of us who wish to sent a new trend or distinguish ourselves apart from the crowd look for items that not only appeal to our tastes, but also serve our various personalities. For such an important purchase as a wrist-watch, for example, it's critical that our needs are met.

The Jacob & Co. 5 Timezone Watch is growing in popularity among the most lavish spenders, not because of the price, but more the prestigious look of the watch. Surrounding the face, large diamonds bring the eye to the piece, which then shows off its capabilities. Having Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York and your choice for the 5th is overwhelming to some, but perfect for the rest of us, especially as a conversation starter for your brand new G5 (Learjets will do just fine).

At a price of about $13,000 and some extra change, you can acquire what is one of the classiest, yet eye-catching timepieces available.

For a list of retailers near you, please visit the Jacob & Co. website