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Tasteful Gucci Fragrances

Gucci is an Italian fashion company based out of Florence, Italy. The company was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. The products range today anywhere from handbags, to shoes and to fragrance.

flora1Gucci Flora is a floral fragrance, appropriately named. It is a brand new perfume for women, and combines elements of the designer’s glamorous past and spontaneous present. It is inspired by Gucci’s famous Flora pattern, which was designed onto a scarf for Princess Grace of Monaco in 1966. This is the first time such a style debuts in black and white.

The perfume itself is made of Rose and Osmanthus flowers from China. The Rose brings out light and fruity flavor, complimented by the stronger, velvety Osmanthus. It also includes fresh citrus and peony, which are more fresh. It is topped off with Sandalwood and Patchouli, which are then more deep and heavy. It is quite the sophisticated scent.

The Flora bottle has a hexagonal shape of glass, along with a black ribbon tied into a bow, as well as a gold logo with Guccio Gucci’s signature.

Purchase: Sephora. It retails for $52-$90, depending on size.

gucci_envy_me_30mlGucci’s Envy Me is a less epic, more up-front fragrance that grabs people’s attention. It comes in a cute, tall, thin, pink bottle. Very pop-art looking!

Envy Me combines a scent of seasonal peony, jasmine and pink pepper. It is accented with notes of sweet litchi, pomegranate, pineapple, as well as white tea and warming woods. It combines such scents of fruit and flowers from far East and tropical places, perfect for standing out. Envy Me can be soft and feminine, or flirty and girly, depending on what you wear it with.

Purchase: Sephora. It retails for $45-$85, depending on size.


Samuel Adams’ Utopia

sam adams utopiaSamuel Adams' Utopias are one of the most expensive beers in the world, and also the strongest. This beer is strong, rich and dark, has almost no carbonation and should be savored. It is made by the Boston Brew Company that took the brand name of one of America's founding members, Samuel Adams. Mr. Adams himself was supposedly a brewer!

Samuel Adams Utopia is brewed with all four kinds of Noble hops, giving it an herbal, earthly taste. They use a variety of yeast, such as the kind used in champagne. It has been aged in Scotch, Cognac and Port barrels. They are packaged into collectible copper-finished brew kettle decanter, resembling antique beer. Because of this unique brewing and packaging, this beer tastes more like vintage Port, Cognac or sherry.

It is 54 proof, so you can definitely taste the alcohol, and it tastes warm without any residual burn. Its taste resembles caramel, cherry, vanilla, dark fruits and even wood. It has been reviewed as overpowering, yet pleasant. It is meant for people to sip, not to gulp, and is very thick. Many think it has more of a smell than a taste, and its smell resembles fine whiskey. It leaves a strong, dry, enjoyable aftertaste.

This is a collector's item. Each bottle is individually serialized. It retailed for $100 per bottle, but you can buy it from individuals for an assorted variety of prices.

Purchase: eBay, Internet Wines (temporarily out of stock). You must be over 21 to buy it.


Unique Motor-Powered Toys And Electric Toys

Classy toys are not just made for adults.  Children too can enjoy luxurious unique motor-powered toys.

This Ferrari 1986 Testarossa is a go-kart that weighs 615 pounds and can go up to 30 MPH.  It puts all other go-karts to shame, as it was sold at FAO Schwartz and Neiman Marcus for $50,000.  Now it can be purchased for half that, at $24,900.  This amazing car features an electric starter, Momo steering wheel, a working horn, CD stereo system, gauges, dual adjustable seats, real retractable headlights, turn signals, independent suspension and hydraulic rear disc brakes.




The kids can also feel like a rebel on a Chopper Motorcycle.  Talk about riding in style.  It can go up to about 37.5 MPH, so parents need to be sure the child will handle the power safely and wear a helmet. A leather outfit could make them feel like areal biker, to be like dad.  It can go up to about 77 miles on a full tank of gas.  This stylish children's ride costs $799.98.



The Classic Child's Vespa is still sporty and sleek.  It offers a motorcycle like ride for any child as well.  It is the child's version of the classic European scooter from the original Vespa in post-WWII Italy.  It features a plastic frame, motor, foot brakes, vinyl-capped non-skid wheels, a working headlight, horn, flashing hazard lights, two rear-view mirrors, a glove box in the dash, a rear storage box, removable training wheels and a kickstand.  It is priced at $299.95.



This Gas Powered Snowboard can make the kids feel as if they're riding a snowmobile.  It can hold up to 250 pounds and go up to 18 MPH.  Holding 3/4 gallon of gas, it can run up to two hours.  Talk about some fun in the snow.



This children's Electric Golf Cart is a little more environmentally friendly and can allow the kids to be like dad and mom on the course.  It operates exactly like a real grown-up golf cart.  It can carry up to 65 pounds and travel up to 2.5 MPH.  It sells for $299.95



The remote controlled Manta Ray is one of the coolest underwater machines that any kid would love to swim with.  It can submerge to a depth of eight feet and can conveniently be controlled by a remote.  It can almost monouver like a real underwater creature.  The only difference is it can be recharged by rechargabble batteries.   It costs $119.95.


This Brushless Motor powered High Speed offshore racing Boat RTR can race on top of the water.  This fiberglass boat is 37 inches long.  It can go 45 MPH plus.  This goes for around $39.92. 48bd3ae6d67b5_48401b

There are also fun caged go-karts, ATVs, remote control cars, planes and trains.

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How About Some 24k Gold Chess Pieces?


Could the good life include an amazing chess set made out of 24-karat gold and silver plated chess pieces? If you have $113,000+ to throw around, then the answer is probably yes. Pianki is currently selling Medioevale Stile (Medieval Style) Chess Pieces for this price tag, complete with an accompanying large onyx chess table.

Each large and expensive decorative chess piece, said to recall the historical confrontation between Christians in southern Europe and an established Muslim presence, is completely hand made and signed by the sculptor, Piero Benzoni. These definitely aren't the cheap plastic toy chess sets you find at your local mall toy outlet.

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Beautiful Orchids

Today's installment in the series of perfect Valentine's Day gifts is a traditional choice. Flowers are a thoughtful gift and perfect for those of us who live in areas where the cold and snow have us dreaming of spring blooms. Roses are a typical choice for Valentine's day but this year extend past the usual and surprise your Valentine with something more exotic.

Beautiful Orchids is a San Francisco-based seller of orchids and other exotic flowers. Orchids are thought by many to be extremely difficult to grow but Beautiful Orchids specializes in providing customers with the knowledge to easily care for this gorgeous plant. Customers will also find showstopping potted plants such as the exoticMandarin Red Bromeliad and freshly cut orchids with blooms guaranteed to last up to 12 days.

Many of the flowers are sold in the most gorgeous array of vases and cachepots. Such as the California Violet lilacs and Dutch Purple Tulips housed in an amazing scalloped Tiffany vase. The vase is delivered in the signature blue Tiffany box complete with an elegant gift card personalized with your Valentine's Day wish.

These amazing flowers can be ordered online and shipped overnight. Make your Valentine the envy of everyone and ship this exquisite gift directly to the office. The oohs and ahhs will be overwhelming and you may get a few oohs and ahhs of your own!


Bauman Rare Books

They impart knowledge, provide entertainment and take us to another place in time with the turn of each and every page. Books have always been a part of history and owning a rare, first edition of a classic novel is like holding a piece of history in your hands.

Bauman Rare Books
is a fine antiquarian book firm that specializes in selling coveted works that occupy the dreams of every book collector.

Author and critic Italo Calvino wrote, “A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.” and many of those classics can be found among the offerings of Bauman Rare Books. The ever-changing inventory includes not only classics in literature, but also beloved children’s books, works of scientific and medical significance and sets of writings that are exquisitely bound to make a meaningful addition to any collection.

Bauman Rare Books prides itself on providing all of its clients with hands on assistance and truly desires to help book collectors find the perfect items to add to their collections. The staff members are trained in fields such as English Literature, Library Sciences or History and many have advanced degrees in these fields. They have spent years studying the field of rare books and are able to provide the highest level of service. Customers can visit the two gallery locations, New York City or Las Vegas, or can make an appointment at the company's headquarters in Philadelphia.

One of Bauman’s current featured books is a rare, signed first edition of Robert Frank’s Americans, which has been called "one of the most important photobooks of all time". Other amazing offerings include a first edition of John Keats' Endymion, and an incredible first edition of Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, inscribed by his first wife, Hadley Richardson.

Book collectors, lovers of literature and all readers who yearn to own a part of history will love browsing the selection at Bauman Rare Books and will most certainly find a treasure to own.


Fashion for the Younger Set

FAO Schwartz has been fulfilling kid’s dreams for many years by offering the largest array of quality toys that can be found anywhere in the world. From stuffed bears to motor scooters, FAO Schwartz has it all!

The famed children’s store in New York City is offering an astounding opportunity for girls of all ages. The Deluxe Experience Fashion Design Package (by Imagine This) is a dream come true for budding fashion designers and all girls who simply love clothes.

The package, available for purchase online, allows girls to design their own wardrobe and work with a professional New York City designer to bring those ideas to life. The package comes with an elegant portfolio filled with fabric swatches, sketching tools and a questionnaire to discover the precise desires of your young designer. Your child will choose everything from the fit to the fabric and will even design her own label to finish off her one-of-a-kind wardrobe.

Imagine the delight of your daughter when she sees her designs come to life! The clothing will be handcrafted, of course, and will reach your child in about eight weeks. The package includes two complete outfits and two custom-created handbags along with ten professional sketches of the entire collection.

This gift will not only encourage creativity, it will give your child a sense of pride when she wears her “designer collection”. The entire kit is just $2,400.00 and is recommended for ages three and up.


Green Luxury

Today’s obsession with all things “green” has spilled into every market, including luxury items.  There are all types of products from bed linens to table wine that are produced in a way that is better for our health and better for our environment.  But which products are the best?

Here is a list of the “greenest” and most luxurious products for 2009:

Life is Sweet

Life is Sweet

Eco Friendly Chocolates:

Chocolates from Life is Sweet are truly an indulgence worth making.  Each piece looks like art and tastes like heaven.  With flavors like Ethiopian Coffee and Peach Blossom you can’t mistake these divine sweets. The best part?  The chocolates are USDA certified organic and Fair trade certified.  Your waistline may not thank you, but the planet will!

Samurai Scrub

Samurai Scrub

Skincare That Cares For The Earth:

Treat yourself to the best in skincare with Mod.Skin products.  This line of skin care products is crafted with your skin and the earth’s health as top priorities.  The products are all made without the dreaded phthalates and parabens we all detest and have no synthetic dyes or detergents.  The fresh, clean scents and unique ingredients are all endlessly researched by the very knowledgeable founder.  What’s even better is that Mod.Skin uses minimal packaging and does not test on animals.  Now isn't that worth the indulgence?

Organic Linens

Organic Linens

Organic Cotton Bed Linens:

Rest in luxury also knowing you are doing a good deed in LUMA’s organic pima cotton bed linens.  The gorgeous colors and soft feel will send you off to sleep in style while you dream of all the good you’re doing the world.  LUMA uses only organic cotton farmed using natural and safe processes that protect the health of the surrounding community.  Luxury with a conscience!

Neom Organic Candles

Neom Organic Candles

Socially Responsible Candles:

And if all these good deeds haven't soothed your soul, cheer yourself with an uplifting scent.  NEOM Luxury Organics provides the perfect solution with the Brazilian Orange Blossom candle.  This scent is known to lift the spirit and calm the nerves.  The best part about NEOM candles is that they are 100% organic and have none of the harmful chemicals or nasty paraffin found in lesser candles.  What a bright idea!


Luxury Gifts

Ever seen this logo before? If not, you should read on.

If you're not familiar with some high end luxury market, names such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Prada may seem prestigious. Granted, they are nice-however, spend some time looking through the smaller, individual boutiques and one will soon realize that luxury extends much further than household name brands (such as the ones I mentioned before) into the realm of branding that only the most savvy spenders know of. If you're looking for a gift and you'd like to impress, intrigue and surprise the lucky recipient, then here are a few brand names you may want to consider.

1. Breitling - While not as mysterious as some brands, instead of the typical Tag Heuer or Rolex timepiece, consider a Breitling. With aviation inspired design, these Swiss masterpieces are not as common and lead to great conversation. Beware of internet sales, as the company has had increasing numbers of fraud watch sales.

2. Waterford Crystal - Never heard of them? Well if you need some dinner plates or accents, they may have just what you need. What's their resume like? Nothing major, just the creation of the New York New Year's Eve Ball.

3. J. Mendel - Notorious for their fine fur, Gilles Mendel has also branched into the creation of exclusive and high-end evening dresses, which are all hand crafted, meaning that no two will ever be exactly alike.

4. Jacques Torres - Available either online or from their retail store located in New York, "Mr. Chocolate" offers a luxurious gift idea that is an alternative to the more commonly known Godiva. Worth a look if sweets are your thing, and most likely will be earning you some brownie points. Pun intended.


Heritage Professional BBQ Grill Set

Need a good gift idea? If he or she is a griller, you'll want to check this out! The Heritage Professional Stainless Steel BBQ Tools Set contains everything you will need to go BAM! like Emeril. The set comes with a grill light (which attaches to the side of your grill), 3-in-1 waiter’s corkscrew, spatula, tongs, fork, knife, basting brush, two skewers, cleaning brush with scraper, and a Super-Bright Chef’s Fork. The computerized chef's fork is pretty cool. It has a spotlight and built-in thermometer with 16 "doneness" levels for cooking meats perfectly.

I find it annoying when I see rust on cooking utensils, luckily the BBQ tools are rust resistant, and are also easy to clean. The included tools have extra long rosewood handles to protect you from grilling your hands. I always enjoy cooking and not getting burned, because I find that getting burned can be very painful. I wish all kitchen utensils would have extra long rosewood handles. The tools are heat resistant, and are cleanly stored away in the provided molded case.

Wall Street Journal even named it the best overall BBQ tool set.

Available from Brookstone