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Adrian Jules Custom Suits

Looking for a new idea for clothing? Adrian Jules, located in the New York, Rochester area, and a prime supplier to professional organizations such as the New York Giants Football team, New York Jets, as well as various other sports teams and organizations, offers custom suits that go beyond your typical custom.

Let's clarify this, most custom tailors actually just pair pre-made sections of shirt and suits together, according to your specifications. While this may be okay for 99% of the population, the rest of us want to add a little more personality to the mix. That's where Adrian Jules distinguishes themselves from the rest of the custom tailors. After taking your measurments, the dimensions are submitted to a designer who custom forms a pattern based on the materials you've selected and the image you are attempting to portray. Once the design is formed, the pattern is printed on a state of the art CAD computer and cut out by hand. All other work is done by hand as well, making the garmet perfectly stitched by master tailors.

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