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Bose Lifestyle Stereo Systems

bose-lifestyleBose Lifestyle Stereo Systems are a line that began in the early 1990s, starting out with systems that could play music from the radio and CDs. Since then, these stereo systems have evolved greatly. Today, the systems are able to bring music, movies, video games and television to their users with intense surround sound.

These Lifestyle Stereo Systems all operate through technology that is easy to understand. The models provide onscreen messages while their users are setting the systems up, as well as easy remote control navigation menus for setup and further usage.

In terms of serious surround sound, the Bose Lifestyle Stereo Sytems use ADAPTiQ technology, which is a patented system that allows everyone their personal flexibility while ensuring enhanced performance of the media. Users can wear headphones and test out the different tones and work with the technology to manipulate the perfect audio experience.

All of the different models also use the Acoustimass bass module, with five speakers. Bose adapted the technology to work with DVD players back in 2001. These systems today can all scan DVD players, CD players, AM/FM radios and universal remotes.

The latest version that Bose came out with was the Lifestyle V-Class system, which was brought out in 2007. This system is different because it comes without an internal CD/DVD player. The difference between the different V-Class models come down to the speakers.


Kate Spade Stationary

Many of us are starting school soon, or switching our office wardrobes into Fall Fashion. Definitely a good idea to have your stationary in style for these types of lifestyles. Kate Spade offers some of the most high-quality, beautifully colored equipment for scholarly and business needs. When you buy one of these products from Kate Spade, it will usually come stocked with all you need for it.

kaet spade pencil

First is the Kate Spade Jane Street Becca Pencil Case. Kate Spade declares this product as an indicator an idealized West Village of Manhattan lifestyle, while people sit under Walnut trees by the beautiful brownstones and local boutiques and sip cappuccinos. The designers see it as a grasp of this phenomenon. The case itself is made out of shiny calfskin leather, and comes well-stocked with Kate Spade pencils, pencil sharpener and eraser. There is a zip closure with light gold plated hardware. Its dimensions are 3.8” height x 8.3” width. It comes in red, black and green, all bold colors. Imported. It costs $75.

Purchase: Kate Spade.

kaet spade orgnOf course you need your life to be organized, and that requires style as well! Check out the Canvas Anne Personal Organizer, made out of light weight cotton canvas. It includes a weekly and monthly calendar, ruler, storage pouch, tabbed section for addresses, notes, restaurants and birthdays. There are also pockets for credit cards. There is a snap closure, and a Kate Spade Leather License Plate signature. Its dimensions are 7.5” height x 7.7” width. It comes in chocolate with an emerald snap closure. Imported. It costs $95.

Purchase: Kate Spade.


Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil

expensive-pencilThe Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil is the top of the line in the writing instrument market.

This company, Graf von Faber-Castell, was started in Nuremberg, Germany, as an industrial company. It has been in business since 1761. In 1839, Baron Lothar von Faber made the first branded writing instrument. The Faber-Castell collection has made instruments ever since, such as pens, pencils, pencil refills and desk sets. They came out with the world's most expensive pencil in 2008. The Faber-Castell company today is headed by Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell, an eighth generation family member, who is in his 60s. He believes that pencils go beyond the use of a writing instrument, as they are an outlet for creativity.

This pencil is made out of 240-year-old olive oil wood. It comes with an endpiece, extender and built-in eraser and sharpener, made from 18-karat white gold. The pen cap has three diamonds, as well as the Faber-Castell coat of arms.

Only ninety-nine of these exclusive pencils were created, making it a highly desired collector's item. It retails for up to $20,800 per pencil.


Burberry Dog Clothes and Accessories

Burberry offers a number of fashionable coats and accessories that your dog can show off, or match its owner's Burberry clothing. They have finally turned the ultra-fine European fabric toward the pet world.

willowinburberry018There is the Burberry lined Check Wool dog coat. Its price increases according to its size. They range from sizes 18-30, and cost from $90-145. It has soft, thick wool with chest and underbelly closures. The wool will certainly keep your dog warm in the cold weather. Buy from Uptown Pets.

labburberryThen they also sell the Burberry Tan Thorn-proof jacket with plaid lining. The stylish plaid is displayed on the black collar and the underbelly fabric, so everyone knows your dog's taste. Sizes range from 8-22, and cost from $60-105. Great for hiking or berry picking! Buy from Uptown Pets.

burbcoatsdecThere is also a Burberry Black Thorn-proof jacket. It is made up of black cotton twill with nylon lining, and of course displays the plaid on the back collar and underbelly. Sizes range from 18-22, and prices are $80-100. Black is better for the dogs who like to rough it, as it will show less damage. Buy from Uptown Pets.

burb red sweaterIf your dog loves soft surfaces, Burberry also sells cashmere dog sweaters. They range from $50 (used)-$195 retail. They are knitted, and come with some Burberry plaid pocket linings, and display “Burberry Dog” on the back. Buy from eBay.

burb dog leashIf you want to top it off and really match everything, you can always get the Burberry Dog Leash. It is PVC with a brown leather trim, has brass toned hardware, and is 50 inches long. It costs $128. Buy from Designer Imports.


    Purely Cashmere

    Cashmere has long been thought of as the ultimate in luxury fabrics and well it should…it is one of the rarest production fibers used in the world. Since Lana Turner first donned her tight fitting sweater women have longed for garments made from the soft fiber and men have longed to touch them. Today, however, cashmere has lost some of its distinction due to cheap imitations and lack of knowledge.

    When you are seeking the highest quality cashmere products the only place to look is Purely Cashmere from Scotland. Purely Cashmere is a company that sells only true Scottish cashmere. The difference between Scottish cashmere and all the others comes from the rare and detailed process used to make this exclusive product.

    The sweaters and wraps are the softest you will find from any producer of cashmere. The painstaking process of gathering the best cashmere fibers guarantees that these garments are the finest that money can buy.
    Why settle for second best when you can have Pure Cashmere? Cashmere scarves woven in gorgeous patterns will create a distinctive flair to your wardrobe. Men will enjoy the silk lined, cashmere bathrobe with its unparalleled softness and light warmth. Truly sumptuous items such as the 6-foot long cashmere throw will leave you turning your nose up to all other fabrics.

    Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, Purely Cashmere is “pure luxury from Scotland”.


    Trashy Lingerie

    Everyone has heard of Victoria's Secret and Agent Provocateur but there is one lingerie line that is even more sought after than these. Trashy Lingerie is a members-only lingerie boutique that claims top Hollywood names as its clients. The sexy, elegant merchandise has been scooped up by regular shoppers, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie just to name a few. The incredible pieces are fun, flirty and downright sexy.

    Trashy may not sound like a high-end place but, don't let the name fool you. Trashy Lingerie manufactures only the highest quality merchandise. All garments are made to exacting standards in the Los Angeles store by a host of skilled designers, seamstresses and pattern makers. The company can custom make garments to fit any body and have fit celebrities like Dolly Parton and Madonna.

    Trashy Lingerie may be a members-only boutique but you can avoid the yearly membership fee (only $5.00) by shopping their online store. They even offer overnight shipping for last minute Valentine's Day shoppers. One item that is sure to please is the black lace corset (pictured here) that was recently purchased by Angelina Jolie. Visit the site to view other gorgeous designs that will help make your Valentine's Day unforgettable.


    Harry Winston Jewelry

    Anyone who has ever watched a Hollywood awards show has heard of Harry Winston Jewelry. The company's creations have adorned the wrists, necks and fingers of some of Hollywood's most beautiful women and men. This year make your Valentine feel like a superstar by giving her (or him) a piece of jewelry from this prestigious collection.

    The House of Harry Winston is one of the largest and most well-known jewelry empires in the world. The founder, Harry Winston, was a master at choosing the perfect diamonds and crafting a setting to display the stone's brilliance. Winston used platinum wire settings instead of the typical heavy metal to set off the luminosity of each diamond. Today, Harry Winston Jewelers continues in the tradition of creating classic yet modern pieces centered around each perfect stone.

    The contemporary Sunflower Collection is a personal favorite. The bracelet features sunflowers crafted of a center stone surrounded by eight brilliant round diamonds. The platinum setting almost disappears and the diamonds seem like they are floating on the skin. It is truly breathtaking! The bracelet holds a total of 15.70 carats of diamonds and costs $65,000.00. Now, that would make for a Happy Valentine's Day!


    Romanicos Gourmet Chocolates

    Valentine's day is quickly approaching and whether you feel it is an over-hyped waste of time or you truly buy into the romance of the holiday you will probably have to buy someone a gift. This week I plan on providing a list of gifts that will thrill the special someone in your life and make this Valentine's Day one you will both remember.

    The typical Valentine's Day gift is, of course, chocolates. The heart shaped box evokes memories of childhood crushes and teen angst. This year why not opt for a more sophisticated version of the classic. Romanicos Gourmet Chocolates are some of the finest in the world. The small company was founded by Venezuelan-born Alejandra Bigai, who believed that better chocolate should be available in the U.S. and set out to provide just that. Using only manually picked, wild cocoa beans the confections are 100% preservative and chemical free. The company also, amazingly, uses no sugar or butter in the production of its chocolates. This creates a lower calorie chocolate (only 38 calories per truffle!) with a taste that is completely chocolate. Romanicos Chocolates can only be purchased at one of their retail stores or online because they refuse to use resellers. The lack of preservatives used in the chocolates make them delicate and the freshness must be maintained through correct storage. Each package is handstamped with an expiration date.

    Romanicos Gourmet Chocolates features beautiful "chocolate art" and sinfully delicious truffles. With names like Wild Coconut, Passion Carmel and Sexy Cherry a gift of these delectable chocolates is certain to spice up your Valentine's Day!


    Alice Temperley Wedding Gowns

    Wedding season is quickly approaching and many brides-to-be are in the throes of planning, preparation and, of course, shopping for the perfect dress.

    Alice Temperley, a London based designer who also runs salons in New York and L.A., creates bridal gowns with “timeless romanticism” that evoke a sense of simplicity. The graduate of London's prestigious Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art is a force to be reckoned with in London's social scene and her amazing designs are incredibly unique. Elegant laces and embroidery are added to simple, flowing shapes for brides who wish to exude a natural look, never fussy or overdone.

    Each Temperley gown is hand finished and uses exclusive Temperley lace or embroidery in its design. The highest level of craftsmanship goes into every gown and the outcome is simply breathtaking.

    The design house has many famous names on its client list including Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron and Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few. Brides wishing to wear a Temperley gown will have to make an appointment at either the London, New York or Los Angeles salon.


    Daniel K Jewelry

    Anyone who has ever purchased a diamond is familiar with the 4 Cs; cut, clarity, color and carat. These characteristics help to identify rare and valuable diamonds and if “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, then Daniel K jewelry is a man’s best choice.

    At Daniel K, fine diamond jewelry is crafted from brilliant white diamonds with only the highest ratings in the 4 Cs. The Daniel K brand was launched ten years ago with a line of Assher and emerald cut engagement and wedding rings and today features fashion pieces including bracelets, pendants and necklaces. The fine jewelry industry embraced Daniel K designs and the company became well known and well respected in the jewelry community.

    Founder and creative director, Daniel Koren designs and inspects each piece of jewelry created to exacting standards. The designs are unique and powerful and each setting is crafted to bring out the full brilliance of the diamond. Due to the unparalleled quality of the diamonds selected these pieces do not lose their value.

    Daniel K's line of fashion jewelry has a loyal following of elite customers and is worn by celebrities like Debra Messing, Mary J. Blige and Halle Berry, to name a few. The stunning collection of right-hand rings designed by Daniel K along with the Reverso Collection, in which every piece can be worn two ways, have made Daniel K one of the most celebrated and sought after designers of fine jewelry.

    Jewelry by Daniel K is not only beautiful, it is extremely wearable. Each piece is crafted with accomplished women in mind so that the pieces fit into an active lifestyle. The workmanship is second to none making each ring a priceless possession that is destined to become a family heirloom.