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Great Hans Lollik: $45 Million for American Tropical Island


The idea of owning your own private island, especially one already zoned to American laws, isn't a fantasy you can fulfill that often. $45 million though will get that dream of yours answered, allowing you to own your very own tropical slice of paradise just off the coast of St. Thomas in the Caribbean.

Great Hans Lollik is a 510-acre playground complete with white sandy beaches, palm forests and several secluded, crystal clear bays. There is virtually no development on the island to this point and zoning plans, set for low density development, let you put up your own small island resort if you wish. You could, of course, just put up your own grass hut on one of the beaches as well and live out your remaining days as a hermit.

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Grand Pet Estate

We all love our pets. They are like a member of the family and when it comes to treating them right there is petestate1nothing more important than providing them with a special place they can call their own. That is why Posh Living created the Grand Pet Estate. This custom built dog (or cat) house is crafted to your exact design specifications. There are countless exterior options enabling you to create the perfect home for your special pet. These high-end little homes can include necessary amenities like running water, electricity and central air conditioning, not to mention cable access and a wireless communication system. Fabulous to say the least! The interior design possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Window treatments, flooring, furnishings, rugs and paint and wall treatments can all be chosen to meet your pet's specific desires. You can even have a closet installed for all those amazing designer outfits. Your pet will thank you as she lounges in the luxury of her own little estate!


Luxury Real Estate in Malibu

Former Major-League Baseball player Brady Anderson has recently placed his redesigned Malibu home on the market for just under $9,000,000.00.

The home is a contemporary two-story estate with three bedrooms, three bathrooms and gorgeous ocean views. The vaulted ceilings in the living room give an unbelievably spacious feel to the area and the sliding glass doors and enormous windows bring the seaside feel indoors.
The house also features a gourmet kitchen complete with high-end appliances for those who love to cook. There is a terrace that extends directly off the kitchen for cozy alfresco breakfasts and a larger outdoor dining area that is perfect for entertaining. This luxurious retreat offers a fire pit and observation deck to view the amazing scenery.

The Malibu home is beautiful on the outside and completely amazing on the inside with hardwood floors and a monochromatic color scheme throughout. But, as beautiful as the home is the amazing ocean view is what sets this house apart!


California House for Auction

If you're in the market to buy a new house, you may want to look at the U.S. Treasury website. While browsing through the listing for housing auctions I stumbled across a deal that seemed too good to let go untold.

Located in Burlingame, California, this 2,500 square foot house has a deposit of only $50,000 and could be purchased for a steal. The house sits on a lot size approximately 10,000 square feet.

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