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Hoping to Win $50,000 from Wix SEO Hero Contest

Since I live such a flush life already, this $50k won't be a big deal but it will help put some gas in the yacht so I can cruise to The Bahamas for dinner. I figure, why not give it a shot.

Here's the deal. A company called Wix thinks their web platform is awesome from an SEO standpoint (but they're wrong) so they started a contest. Whoever ranks highest for "seo hero" in Google wins $50k.

So I created a seo hero website and then another one because two is better than one.

Links to the site would be much appreciated of course.

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Fifth Avenue New York

DSCF5387Fifth Avenue, particularly between 34th-59th streets in Manhattan, New York, is one of the most famous, classiest shopping centers of the world. It is constantly ranked as one of the most expensive streets internationally as well. Forbes Magazine cited it as the most expensive street in the world for 2008. It is comparable to the Miracle Mile of Chicago or Knightsbridge in London.

Fifth Avenue officially starts at Washington Square Park in downtown Manhattan, goes through the heart of Midtown, against the side of Central Park up the Upper East Side, and then into Harlem, terminating at 142nd Street at the Harlem River.DSCF5360 It is also the division street for the East and West sides of Manhattan. The Empire State Building is also located on Fifth Avenue, between 33rd and 34th streets, in Midtown; Trump Tower is at 56th street.

Some luxury shopping centers include: Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord and Taylor, Tiffany & Co, Emilio Pucci, Giorgio Armani, Saks Fifth Avenue, Juicy Couture, Dolce and Gabbana, Sephora, Fendi, Versace, Cole Haan, Kenneth Cole, Sergio Rossi, Brooks Brothers, Gucci, Piaget, FAO Schwartz and many more. Abercrombie and Fitch and the Apple store on Fifth Avenue are listed as the most successful retail stores. The Apple Store is a well-known landmark, being a 32-foot glass cube standing at East 58th Street.

DSCF5391If you are planning a shopping vacation, take note that there are many luxury hotels located on Fifth Avenue. There is the Hotel 373, Plaza Hotel, and Courtyard Marriott to choose from, all of which are very posh and comfortable.


Blue Hills at Stone Barns

DSCF5302Blue Hills is an exquisite restaurant located on Stone Barns of the lush Rockefeller State Preserve. This restaurant is in Pocantico Hills, the Heart of Westchester County, located about thirty miles north of New York City.

Blue Hills was opened in the spring of 2004. It is a special restaurant on a four-season farm, with a mission of creating a consciousness of one's everyday food choices. The food is provided from around the farm grounds, which you can witness surrounding the restaurant, as well as around DSCF5316the greater Hudson Valley organic farms.

Blue Hills at stone barns does not have official menus. They offer lists with over 100 ingredients, which are updated daily. In terms of prices, a five-course tasting would be $105, a Farmer's Feast would be $135, and a four-course tasting lunch is $68. The September selection consists of Tuscan Kale, Asian pears, banana squash, golden raspberries, panther soybeans, Normandy ducks, Emmer wheat, Stone Barns Fall Honey and much more.

If you want to do an inventory, you are welcome to walk around the grounds of Stone Barns before your meals and view some of the gardens, DSCF5322livestock or bee harvests.

The wine list at Blue Hills is also extravagant and offers many local, domestic and imported selections. Wine comes by the glass and bottle, and champagnes run as high as $1850 per bottle (Moet and Chandon Dom Perignon, 1975). There are also some selections of craft beers and liquor.

To eat at Blue Hills, you must dress elegantly, but suits and ties are not required. Shorts in the dining room or terrace are not appreciated. Dinner is served on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00-10:00 PM, and Friday and Saturday from 5:00-11:00 PM. Lunch is served on Sundays from 11:30 AM-2:00 PM. You can make a reservation online, which is reserved instantly.


Wealthy Families Lead the Way to Recovery

dollar-signAdage.com yesterday published an article based on the 2009 Ipsos Mendelsohn survey of the affluent, that indicates that families with income over $100k are planning to continue their previous spending habits, albeit slightly cutting back.

Mr. Shullman said if a recovery is to come, particularly in consumer spending, it will have to come from households making $100,000 or more. They may represent only 20% of U.S. households, but they control more than half of all income and are far less likely than everyone else to be restrained by tight credit markets.

"On average, the affluent are 2.6 times more likely to buy everything, and when they do, they spend 3.7 times more," Mr. Shullman said. "So I feel better looking at [the data] we're seeing now, than I would have three or four months ago."

Now, I don't consider annual household income of $100k wealthy. But I do believe the truly wealthy around the world fuel 99% of the economy. We spend like no one else does for ourselves, our families and friends injecting discretionary income into the global economy. And unless you're a trust fund baby, you probably own or have significant power of influence in companies that create jobs for tens of thousands.

And for our significant contributions to the world economy, we are taxed more than significantly while everyone complains about how we get away with paying no taxes. Taxes collected from the top 1% - the truly wealthy - not only could fund nations' government, they essentially do.

What do you think?

Have you changed your spending habits? Are you seeing signs of "recovery" and spending in a similar manner as before? What are your thoughts on the taxation of the upper echelon of wealthy people?

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Win Your Own Flush Life!


If you can't afford to be rich the regular way, you can try your luck combined with (very little) skill and a $1000 wager. It won't make you truly wealthy if you win, but for those dreaming of being a half-millionaire this could be your ticket.

In an interesting contest the Jones', a Florida couple are offering their house, business and car in what appears to be a raffle-contest.Now you no longer have to try and keep up with the Jones' and instead can attempt to legally take over significant parts of their lives.

The prizes are specifically stated as:

  • A 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath home with 2-car garage, master suite with Jacuzzi, plus mother-in-law suite with an additional bedroom and bathroom, appraised in July 2009 at $510,587
  • Molly Caroline's gift shop in Seaside, Fla., including years of pre-paid rent, all electronics, equipment, fixtures, furniture, supplies and merchandise totaling more than $750,000
  • A 2005 Maserati Quattroporte in pristine condition, with leather upholstery and fine wood details, valued at more than $40,000

The contest consists of a $1000 "entry fee" and turning in a 200 word "essay" although at only 200 words, I hardly consider this an essay. There must be some Florida law that differentiates raffles from contests and the Jones' lawyer was paying attention that day in law school.

A winner will supposedly be chosen by grading the "essay" as follows; "originality, creativity and sincerity (60%), persuasiveness and flow (30%), and correct grammar (10%)."

Speaking of a winner, it sounds to me like it will truly be the Jones Family, regardless of who wins the essay contest as the end is pegged to be either on either September 6, 2010 as indicated in their press release and a winner chosen "on or about October 6, 2010" per the contest rules - or after 10,000 entries are received. Even rich people like me who have others do math on my behalf can still figure out that's $10 million in entry fees. Their contingency number is set at 3000 entries, or a measly $3 million.

How much is your life worth?
Would you consider raffling it off, and for how much?

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Allen Brothers Kobe Beef

During the cold winter months many of us trade the lite fare we normally eat for heartier, more comforting foods. Comfort foods usually consist of things like soups and stews but there are more luxurious options that still fit the bill for a cold winter night.
The taste of Kobe beef far exceeds that of any other red meat. The prized Japanese cattle, called Waygu, is raised on a strict diet of beer and grain to produce a superior product. The meat from these rare cattle is tender and succulent due to the high rate of marbling. The flavor is intense and the texture is velvety.
Prime Kobe beef can be purchased online at Allen Brothers which feature ribeyes, sirloins and fillets as well as an assortment of roasts. You can also select a sampler package that consists of several delicious fine cuts.
To take your dining experience to another level follow this amazing recipe from the Food Network for warm Kobe beef with truffle tea.

Top this meal off with a delicious glass of Rutherford Hill 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon with its rich, vibrant fruit flavor and velvety chocolate finish. Talk about comfort...you may just never leave the table.

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Bathed in Stone

Home renovations can be a nightmare. The decisions and choices can be overwhelming. Bathroom renovations are some of the most difficult, especially when attempting to satisfy both male and female design styles. That has all been made easier with the exquisite designs from Stone Forest.

Stone Forest has been creating beautiful sculptures out of granite for more than 20 years. The individually, hand-crafted pieces are created out of a single block of granite and are carved using hand tools like hammers and chisels. The company makes incredible pieces of art, yet they are also totally functional as well.

The Stone Forest kitchen and bath collection offers unique products that cannot be found anywhere else in North America. The collection includes bathtubs, vanities and sinks that are handcrafted out of solid pieces of materials like granite, onyx and marble. You will certainly be able to wash away stress when soaking in a 60” round tub crafted exclusively out of travertine, or choose an oval model crafted from a solid block of granite. The beauty of these tubs will make your bathroom feel like an oasis and will quite possibly take your breath away.

The Stone Forest collection includes other amazing products like prep sinks, vanities, tableware and a huge variety of garden elements. These natural stone creations will give your home a sense of permanence in an otherwise ever-changing world.


Recessionista Chic

The “lemongrass” colored sheath dress and matching wool coat worn by First Lady, Michelle Obama, at yesterday’s Inauguration had the fashion community buzzing with excitement.

The dress was created by Cuban born designer, Isabel Toledo, specifically for the event and was a well-kept secret until the morning of the Inauguration. Though not a household name, Toledo has been working in the fashion industry for over 25 years and is known for her eclectic, modern designs. Her creations are available at one of Mrs. Obama’s favorite Chicago boutiques, Ikram, located on Rush Street in the heart of the city and online at CoutureLab.

Boutique owner, Ikram Goldman, is credited with helping Mrs. Obama select her Inauguration Day attire and many feel that she will continue to be a “fashion advisor” for the first family over the next four years. With decisions this good, we can only hope.

The fabulous grass-green Jimmy Choo pumps made Mrs. Obama’s outfit pop with a hint of fun. Jimmy Choo, famous for stylish yet thoroughly wearable shoes, is a luxury brand worth the hype. The company creates the highest quality shoes and accessories for women with a discerning style and an eye for fashion. Celebrities flock to the shoe company for elegant pumps, boots, sandals and handbags.

Mrs. Obama has been quoted as saying that "recessionista chic" will be the fashion for the upcoming year as women turn toward classic pieces instead of throw away trends. If this is "recessionista chic", Mrs. Obama just may be right!

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Not Exactly Fair Weather Sailors

Usually temperate Portland, OR received more than a dusting of snow over the holidays. West Coast Sailing staff took advantage of slush-covered roads to demonstrate the multipurpose uses of their inventory. Good advertising ploy? You decide.

via Wend

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Luxury Spas

All of us are faced with difficult lives, stress at work and the home, stuck in traffic and plus the weather is often not so great. Well, one of the best ways to unwind is to go for a luxury spa treatment. For those who have never had a special spa treatment, it is something out of this world. But I am not talking about the rinky dinky spa around the street corner- I am talking about going to a real professional spa, perhaps a resort. Countless resorts, hotels and tourist areas offer spa services which are invigorating.

Unlike the old days when a spa service was a rub on the body for 4 minutes followed by a sauna, this is no longer true today. Most luxury spas offer massages, manicures, facial and a variety of other holistic treatments to energize you.

A visit to a luxury spa is all about being pampered. Besides having beautiful therapists offer their therapeutic touch, the place is also soothing, smells great and relaxing. And of course you also get the herbal tea or wine if you prefer.

The moment you arrive, you are made to feel important. Everyone caters to you.

Among the treatments I would highly recommend are the body and foot massages. All you have to do is disrobe and lie on a warm bed. The therapists will incorporate a moisturizing cream and rub it all over you. If you want to feel fresh, just ask for a peppermint foot massage. The fingers can relieve stress, headaches, makes you feel nice, warm and beautiful.

For those who want something exotic, try the body massage with warm stone which are rotated over your body. There are also lavish luxury spa services for couples which create a memorable experience.

The great thing about luxury spa services is that you do not have to travel. Almost every major city has ample hotels and private firms which cater to clients.

For those who are planning on a vacation, check with you hotel about the availability of spa services- it will probably be the best part of your trip.

Most lavish luxury spa services start around $ 150 and above; the more treatments you have, the higher the cost. However, most hotels do offer discounts for multiple sessions.