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Rochard Platinum Corkscrew

The Rochard Limonges boxes and assorted gifts are genuine works of unique art. Experienced craftspeople hand make these unique products very meticulously, from a hand carved mold. They are put against fire at a very hot temperature, to make them hard, then hand painted with many colors, such as 22 karat gold. Afterwards, they are put under fire again again, sometimes for a few times, until they are perfectly shaped. They are then mounted on a metal hinge and clasp to be finalized.

rochardThe Rochard Corkscrew of Platinum is one of the finest corkscrews in the world. It is easy to use, and coated with platinum, with a small ring with a small handcrafted grapes sculpture around it. It is the perfect and practical accessory to fine wine drinking. It is much easier than buying one of those huge corkscrews that takes many unnecessary steps to enjoy your wine.

Purchase: Ground Strike.

The Rochard Company is from a tiny 18th Century French city, Limoges. Rochard, Inc, has been importing fine gift ware of porcelain, gold and platinum for over a quarter century. They are most famous for porcelain boxes for items like jewelery boxes and general domestic decorations. Since it is great gift ware, they also carry beautiful holiday and religious decorative items.


Element Four Watermill: Make Your Own Water

element-four-watermillElement Four's Watermill is due to ship to residential customers in "September or October" and you can reserve your spot on the production list for only $25.

One key factor to remember about the Watermill is that it isn't meant to produce water for your entire household usage such as shower and toilet usage - only for drinking and cooking. With that in mind, the 2.9 gallons that it can produce on a daily basis should be more than adequate for most households.


  • Price: $995 (introductory)
  • Water Production: 2.9 gallons per day
  • Where to Buy: elementfour.com

Making your own drinking water may sound a bit extreme when you don't really need to, but it actually could be useful. Here's a few scenarios in which you might want to consider your own water-producing machine:

  • You distrust your local water supply. Typically they are government run, and of course we know how much we all trust the governments of this world.
  • Water quality where you live is poor, even with filtration.
  • You don't have access to a fresh water supply. Maybe it's your private dive shack in the Caribbean, or a remote hunting cabin. Either way, you probably have to haul your water with you, until now.
  • Disaster preparedness. Storing water is a pain, and you may still run out. Hook up one of these magic boxes to a solar panel and you're golden.

The Watermill will be sold at $995 to the first 5000 pre-orders, although my guess is you probably won't see a huge price jump after the initial batch. Maybe a few hundred dollars, but really what difference would that make since even at twice the price it's a good deal.


The Heart of the Home

We spend a great deal of time in our kitchens. Whether entertaining guests, cooking a gourmet meal or just brewing a perfect cup of tea, the kitchen is the heart of our home. That is why only the best will do when it comes to the appliances we choose for that special place.

Sub-Zero is the most widely recognized manufacturer of high quality, built in refrigerators. The company, which grew from humble beginnings, now offers customers an enormous selection of product choices to fit any need.

The dual refrigeration system used in Sub-Zero products is what makes them unique and superior in today’s market. Two separate cooling units operate independently to keep refrigerated foods fresher longer and frozen foods preserved with quality intact. Sub-Zero products not only perform great, they look fabulous as well. There are, of course, stainless steel models as well as completely custom units built to blend in to your decor.

The company understands the needs of today’s homeowners and offers “energy efficient” products that are completely in tune with people building a “greener kitchen”. The undercounter refrigeration products are perfect for home offices, bars or master suites and the wine storage refrigerators protect your “liquid investments” by keeping out the heat and humidity that can damage fine wines.

The Sub-Zero website offers interactive tools for planning and designing your dream kitchen using Sub-Zero products and will send you an invitation to visit one of their exclusive showrooms. The kitchen of your dreams is sure to become a reality, now isn't that good for your heart?