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Universe Architecture Floating Bed

If you just can't seem to keep ahead of the curve when tech meets luxury and extravagence, buy this!

I'm not kidding, this bed literally floats. Not on air, although it may seem like it. And not some cheap trick with water either, this bed, developed by top level scientists at Universe Architecture, actually hovers 40cm off of the surface of the floor because of a magnetic field generated by it! What's even better is that it doesn't require any sort of electrical or battery hookup. The bed uses a principle called "Permanent Magnetism," exactly like when you hold the two ends of magnets together that are the same polarity (positive to positive, negative to negative) to project itself up into the air. The maximum weight held is roughly 900kg, so pretty much any human, along with his horse, can sleep on it. Or maybe a Mini Cooper.

Order one from UniverseArchitecture.com