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Rochard Platinum Corkscrew

The Rochard Limonges boxes and assorted gifts are genuine works of unique art. Experienced craftspeople hand make these unique products very meticulously, from a hand carved mold. They are put against fire at a very hot temperature, to make them hard, then hand painted with many colors, such as 22 karat gold. Afterwards, they are put under fire again again, sometimes for a few times, until they are perfectly shaped. They are then mounted on a metal hinge and clasp to be finalized.

rochardThe Rochard Corkscrew of Platinum is one of the finest corkscrews in the world. It is easy to use, and coated with platinum, with a small ring with a small handcrafted grapes sculpture around it. It is the perfect and practical accessory to fine wine drinking. It is much easier than buying one of those huge corkscrews that takes many unnecessary steps to enjoy your wine.

Purchase: Ground Strike.

The Rochard Company is from a tiny 18th Century French city, Limoges. Rochard, Inc, has been importing fine gift ware of porcelain, gold and platinum for over a quarter century. They are most famous for porcelain boxes for items like jewelery boxes and general domestic decorations. Since it is great gift ware, they also carry beautiful holiday and religious decorative items.


Wealthy Artists: Who Says You Can’t Be One?

I don’t know where the rumor started, ‘You can’t be an artist if you were born wealthy’, but I’d like to stop it from continuing. While financial support may provide more opportunities for a growing artist, in the end the artist himself must separate from his parental upbringing and leave behind his own legacy.

The arts have a history of individuals who were born into wealth and rose through ranks to produce some of the most memorable artwork to this day. If you don’t believe me, here’s three famous creative individuals who were wealthy prior to their sublime achievements.

T. S. (Thomas Stearns) Eliot


The author behind the quintessential modernist poem, "The Waste Land", was born into the wealthy Eliot family. Son of Henry Eliot, a rich businessman, allowed for Thomas access to attend high-end private schools, assisting in his preparations for academia, until his arrival at Harvard University

With little concern for earning money, Eliot set his sights on academic and spiritual goals for his life. He taught at Harvard, wrote poetry and prose, and practiced Catholicism. Certainly, no one would say that Eliot is anything less than one of the literary greats, simply because he was born into a wealthier family than his other lost generation contemporaries. Today, Eliot's work hangs in the pantheons of great literary works.

Harry Connick Jr.


Yes, the jazzy piano playing virtuoso, and occasional actor, was born to an Orleans Parish district attorney and a Louisiana Supreme Court justice. Connick gained access to all of the great New Orleans jazz bars, through his father's connections, which provided tutelage from many of Jazz's greatest artists.

Feverishly pursuing the piano from age three, Harry was already separating his parent's legal legacies and putting his own stamp on the music of his hometown. And while his parent's provision aided him in his journey, it was ultimately his journey to New York and his fusion of New York style and New Orleans swing that solidified him as a Jazz giant.

Salvador Dali

One of the great surrealist painters of the 20th century, Salvador Dali was born to a wealthy Spanish notary. Dali's father fashioned him his own art studio in the family's summer home, with which Salvador spent countless hours studying and learning.

His family's wealth allowed for him to receive academic training at the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid, and it was here that Dali continued to develope strong sense of identity. His disagreements with his teachers only spurred him on in his creative endeavors, and his first showing garnered an audience on multiple continents, establishing the beginnings of his legacy at the age of 24.


How to Find the Best Home Tutors with 5 Questions


If you’re looking for a tutor, you’ve probably seen your share of poor academic assistance. You’ve seen the people with long resumes who promise high test scores, only to be fooled when the semester came to a close. Or someone who worked well with your child, but homework was never done, and test scores never improved.

The secret to finding the best tutor is by finding someone who has genuine answers to these five questions. As a former tutor and branch manager for a tutoring company, these are the questions I asked my potential employees to find the cream of the crop.

1. How would you assess a student's difficulty with a particular subject matter?

This question weeds out a lot of the tutors that look good on paper, but don’t know how to work with a student one-on-one. The tutor should list three assessments:

  • The first is a learning style test along with a brain hemisphere test. The student will typically show strength in one of four areas: visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic. The student will also show a preference of thinking "left-brain" or "right-brain". This test will let the tutor know how the student learns best.
  • The second is a test to determine the student’s general knowledge of the subject matter. This test will help the tutor pinpoint specifically where the student is having difficulty.
  • The last assessment is an informal "Q & A" with the student. The tutor can use this information to translate the information the student is learning into something the student is already interested in. Questions should be similar to: What music do you listen to? Do you listen to music when you do your homework? Do you play video games? Do you play sports? etc.

2. How would you use the information from the assessments to best tutor the student?

Good tutors pass the first question. Great tutors pass the second. Many tutors will give students assessments but have no idea how use that information to assist the student.

A great tutor will make connections between the student’s learning style and lay out a plan for teaching the subject matter in relation to the student’s strengths.

They will also take note of any inconsistencies in the second assessment and go back to certain areas that the student may not have learned. I tutored a straight "A" student that was failing Geometry. She had done well in all previous math classes and had no problems with the formulas either.

I asked her to draw a square. She drew a lopsided rectangle and joked that she couldn't draw very well. Rather than teaching her the math portions of geometry, I taught her how to draw. I gave her some graph paper and for an hour every session, I had her practice drawing triangles, squares, circles, hexagrams, etc.. She hated every minute of it, but within a week she was able to draw simple shapes and got her first "A" on the next test.

In the last assessment, a great tutor will be able to translate information into what the student has already learned. If the tutor has no connection with the student in any areas of interest, the student will more than likely not learn from the tutor. There are exceptions, but in my experience if the student can't identify with their teacher then tutoring will be a struggle.

3. If a student has a learning disability, how would you adapt your teaching method to best fit the student's success?

If you're able to find a tutor who has a response to this question, you've found someone that’s a cut above the rest.

When I worked as a tutor, there was a mother who came into our branch with her son who had a small tube protruding from his scalp. She told us that he was born with excess fluid surrounding his brain, and due to this, has a problem with taking mental skills into his long term memory.

She said that they had tried dozens of different tutoring methods and facilities and had had no luck. I told her that I would try new things and when that didn't work, I'd try something else. A lot of the first couple weeks were trial and error. The assessments I'd given him did not bring any light to the situation and showed that he was pretty even across the board. And each time I met with him I had to teach him the same thing, but in a new way because he had forgotten it since our last meeting.

When we were talking he was telling me how frustrating it was because sports were no problem for him, but he couldn't figure out how to do well in any of his classes. So I brought out a big white board for him to do his homework on. I told him to write in big letters and numbers and then we'd transfer the work to paper when he'd finished. At the end of the session he was able to recall everything we had done. When we met again, he had retained most of what we had done before and we were able to make significant progress.

The student hadn't made the connection of how to translate characters on paper into his gross muscles so that they could be retained in his long term memory. Eventually, he didn't need the white board and he worked with a pen and paper and did well in all of his classes.

A great tutor will adapt their methods to best suit the student's needs.

4. Can you describe an instance where a student succeeded in relation to your tutoring?

This question calls them on their bluff if they've been blowing smoke through the previous questions. It separates the posers from the real deal.

5. When can your start?

If they've made it through question four, then you should hire them right away, because you're not going to find anyone better...

unless they can start sooner.

This guest post was written by Kris Madden, a teacher and former tutor. His educational speed reading videos have appeared in the UK's Independent, Lifehacker, and Boing! Boing!. He has written articles for GearLive, Peevish Penman, and Astonishing Adventures.


Red Diamond Bathtub

red diamond bathtub If you live for bathing, you may be interested in this ultra-indulgent way of pursuing it. Instead of going to a spa or bathhouse, you can have it installed right at home for your own private euphoric use.

Designed by Aldo Puglielli, Water Game Technology's Red Diamond Bathtub is the most luxurious personal bathtub out there. It even includes 2 waterproof HDTVs on a mobile consul, and you can make them appear or go away by pressing a button.

Additional amenities include champagne holder, for the ultimate relaxation, gold frame, partially lined with swarovski crystals. There's also multicolor lighting, if you are not already pleased with the abundance of aesthetic pleasure.


  • Price: $47,200
  • Fits two people
  • Acrylic cast
  • Water volume: 150 Gallons
  • Purchase: Tradekey

You have ultimate control over this bathtub. You can really adjust it to your utmost desire, as you are able to control its temperature and make sure it maintains, along with the airpool and whirlpool functions. It contains a GSM module, so you can even set up your bath in your car when you are driving home, and have it there waiting for you. Cleaning it is also assisted by the machinery, as it comes with an automatic disinfection system, where you can set disinfection frequency and time. All of the control panels are accessible through a 5-keys joystick keypad, and displayed on an LCD screen. Very stylish!

It also comes with an electric self-extracting hand-held shower unit, as well as an electric drain valve. Everything in this bathtub is to ensure your ultimate personal comfort and pleasure, and is a stimulation to all the senses.


Element Four Watermill: Make Your Own Water

element-four-watermillElement Four's Watermill is due to ship to residential customers in "September or October" and you can reserve your spot on the production list for only $25.

One key factor to remember about the Watermill is that it isn't meant to produce water for your entire household usage such as shower and toilet usage - only for drinking and cooking. With that in mind, the 2.9 gallons that it can produce on a daily basis should be more than adequate for most households.


  • Price: $995 (introductory)
  • Water Production: 2.9 gallons per day
  • Where to Buy: elementfour.com

Making your own drinking water may sound a bit extreme when you don't really need to, but it actually could be useful. Here's a few scenarios in which you might want to consider your own water-producing machine:

  • You distrust your local water supply. Typically they are government run, and of course we know how much we all trust the governments of this world.
  • Water quality where you live is poor, even with filtration.
  • You don't have access to a fresh water supply. Maybe it's your private dive shack in the Caribbean, or a remote hunting cabin. Either way, you probably have to haul your water with you, until now.
  • Disaster preparedness. Storing water is a pain, and you may still run out. Hook up one of these magic boxes to a solar panel and you're golden.

The Watermill will be sold at $995 to the first 5000 pre-orders, although my guess is you probably won't see a huge price jump after the initial batch. Maybe a few hundred dollars, but really what difference would that make since even at twice the price it's a good deal.


EconoBlue 28

Are you are tired of hauling those ridiculously heavy 5-gallon water bottles onto an ugly dispenser then continually changing and storing them in your home? If so, the EconoBlue 28 Atmospheric Water Generator is a perfect solution.

The EconoBlue 28 makes drinking water out of the humidity in the air and can churn out 7 gallons each day. The water tastes great and the machine eliminates the need to store all those 5 gallon bottles in your home.

The quality of the water produced by the EconoBlue 28 meets EPA standards and eliminates the need for a delivery service. The machine uses only $0.20 of electricity to produce each gallon of water and can be plugged in virtually anywhere. The efficiency of the machine reduces the cost of drinking water and the elimination of plastic bottles reduces waste.

The EconoBlue 28 contains a multi-stage filtration system as well as ultraviolet lamps to treat the water and ensure no bacteria or dangerous microorganisms are present. The hot water and cold water taps allow for convenient and quick access to whatever temperature water is needed. The machine itself looks very high-tech and comes in a range of fun and classic colors to fit any décor (how about bright green or sleek silver?)

The benefits of the EconoBlue 28 don’t end with pure, high-quality drinking water, the machine also acts as a dehumidifier in the room where it is located and helps to increase the efficiency of air-conditioning systems further reducing electricity usage and saving money.

The many benefits of the EconoBlue 28 are in high demand and the machine was recently “invited” to attend the Green Inaugural Ball in Washington, D.C. Guests were thrilled with the concept of efficiency, the great tasting water and the futuristic look of the machine. With invitations like this, the EconoBlue's dance card might fill up quickly. You better order yours now!


Music to Your Ears

Nothing sounds better than live music and even if you don’t know how to “tickle the ivories” you can make beautiful music in your own living room.

The Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV is an incredible instrument that combines the workings of a top-notch acoustic piano with the functions of a "player" piano. This amazing WI-FI enabled, digital piano actually plays live acoustic performances with just the touch of a button. The shiny baby grand is similar to ones you have seen at malls or lavish hotels however this one has several new twists.

Unlike other "player pianos", music can be streamed into the Mark IV from the company’s subscription service, DisklavierRadio, which contains a wide variety of music channels. Listeners can download favorite songs directly to the piano’s hard drive and listen to them as often as they want. Popular music from famed performers like Elton John, the Beatles, and Frank Sinatra will sound as if it is being performed live in the living room thanks to the integrated speakers, vocal tracks and instrumental backings.

New upgrades to the Mark IV now allow users to record their own music on the instrument and play it back for an audience. The files can also be sent from the Disklavier’s hard drive to a Mac or PC or can be shared with others in an MP3 file.

The Yamaha Disklavier is being labeled as the most technologically advanced piano ever created and listening to it you will completely agree. As Confucius said, "Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without."


The Heart of the Home

We spend a great deal of time in our kitchens. Whether entertaining guests, cooking a gourmet meal or just brewing a perfect cup of tea, the kitchen is the heart of our home. That is why only the best will do when it comes to the appliances we choose for that special place.

Sub-Zero is the most widely recognized manufacturer of high quality, built in refrigerators. The company, which grew from humble beginnings, now offers customers an enormous selection of product choices to fit any need.

The dual refrigeration system used in Sub-Zero products is what makes them unique and superior in today’s market. Two separate cooling units operate independently to keep refrigerated foods fresher longer and frozen foods preserved with quality intact. Sub-Zero products not only perform great, they look fabulous as well. There are, of course, stainless steel models as well as completely custom units built to blend in to your decor.

The company understands the needs of today’s homeowners and offers “energy efficient” products that are completely in tune with people building a “greener kitchen”. The undercounter refrigeration products are perfect for home offices, bars or master suites and the wine storage refrigerators protect your “liquid investments” by keeping out the heat and humidity that can damage fine wines.

The Sub-Zero website offers interactive tools for planning and designing your dream kitchen using Sub-Zero products and will send you an invitation to visit one of their exclusive showrooms. The kitchen of your dreams is sure to become a reality, now isn't that good for your heart?


Bathed in Stone

Home renovations can be a nightmare. The decisions and choices can be overwhelming. Bathroom renovations are some of the most difficult, especially when attempting to satisfy both male and female design styles. That has all been made easier with the exquisite designs from Stone Forest.

Stone Forest has been creating beautiful sculptures out of granite for more than 20 years. The individually, hand-crafted pieces are created out of a single block of granite and are carved using hand tools like hammers and chisels. The company makes incredible pieces of art, yet they are also totally functional as well.

The Stone Forest kitchen and bath collection offers unique products that cannot be found anywhere else in North America. The collection includes bathtubs, vanities and sinks that are handcrafted out of solid pieces of materials like granite, onyx and marble. You will certainly be able to wash away stress when soaking in a 60” round tub crafted exclusively out of travertine, or choose an oval model crafted from a solid block of granite. The beauty of these tubs will make your bathroom feel like an oasis and will quite possibly take your breath away.

The Stone Forest collection includes other amazing products like prep sinks, vanities, tableware and a huge variety of garden elements. These natural stone creations will give your home a sense of permanence in an otherwise ever-changing world.


Universe Architecture Floating Bed

If you just can't seem to keep ahead of the curve when tech meets luxury and extravagence, buy this!

I'm not kidding, this bed literally floats. Not on air, although it may seem like it. And not some cheap trick with water either, this bed, developed by top level scientists at Universe Architecture, actually hovers 40cm off of the surface of the floor because of a magnetic field generated by it! What's even better is that it doesn't require any sort of electrical or battery hookup. The bed uses a principle called "Permanent Magnetism," exactly like when you hold the two ends of magnets together that are the same polarity (positive to positive, negative to negative) to project itself up into the air. The maximum weight held is roughly 900kg, so pretty much any human, along with his horse, can sleep on it. Or maybe a Mini Cooper.

Order one from UniverseArchitecture.com