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Top Gear’s Old Luxury Car Challenge Videos

Top Gear is one of my favorite shows, probably more because of the host's attitudes that the actual show. Well I just ran across a couple new uploads on YouTube comparing 2 classic ultra-luxury vehicles, a 1963 Mercedes 600 Limousine vs a 1972 Rolls Royce Corniche Coupe.


Part 1

Part 2

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Unique Limos For Rent

Why not party like a rock star when you're celebrating a special occasion?  Maybe you just need to add a little spice and excitement to your life.  Whatever the case may be, a unique limo to escort you around town is a perfect option.

You can feel like a king or queen in the newest and hottest versions of a hummer limo, Escalade limo, limo-bus, Chrysler limo, Navigator limo, etc.  Most people have seen these classy stretch automobiles gliding down the road gracefully, but these are the most common limos.  You can find these platinum rides HERE.

SO, what are some of the really wild, crazy and unique limos that you rarely see around town?  There are actually companies out there that will put a huge lift kit on any type of limo you want raised.  These can catch any eye.  It makes you wonder how they are legal and one is actually capable of driving such an outlandish vehicle.  If you want the heads to turn, one of these lifted limos will do the trick!

Ferrari 360 Carbon Fiber Limo

ferrari-limoCheck out the one and only Ferrari 360 carbon Fiber stretch limousine! Talk about a hot limousine.  It is sporty, sleek and sexy.  What man or woman would not want to cruise any city in this?  This unique vehicle was designed By Dan Cawley who is renowned for his unique and crazy limos.  Too bad it's in the UK.  I'm sure the idea has already made its way to the U.S.  Dan Commissioned Carbonyte UK to build this vehicle, Carbonyte UK is the pioneer of Hot Fusion Composite Manufacturing Technology that was used on the McLaren SLR Supercar.  You can see his website HERE.

Boeing 727 Limo

727limoCheck out this Boeing 727 that was converted into a limo.  Crazy and brilliant at the same time.  Engaget is the company that is based out of Mexico and has taken the wings off the Boeing and turned it into a big diesel-powered car, capable of whizzing 50 people along the highway, at up to 200 kilometers an hour.  A spare $1,500 will be able to book a three hour trip in the converted 727, taking advantage of its dance club, bar and lounge.

Harley Davidson Limo Motorcycle

120958There is actually a limo Harley that will carry 8 to 10 riders!  How is this safe?  Looks a little daring, but I bet it is loads of fun.  There are also old-time Cadillac limos, new sleek corvette limos, and even a tank limo, again, it originated in the UK.

Tank Limo

tank-limo2The white tank limo holds up to eight passengers and three crew members to operate the road machine.  It costs around $3,300 to $8,233 per night.  Check out tanklimo to see more on this hot road warrior.

Hot tubs, video games and computers can too add to the uniqueness of any limo.  It all depends on personal preference.  So, do some research and find which unique limo suites you best!  These are only a few of the many unique limousines out there.

Make any day or night a memorable experience by cruising in one of these babies.