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Electric Avenue

Electric cars seem so futuristic. Some believe the technology still has years of research before it is fully developed, but does it? A new car company is taking the all-electric car concept and creating an automobile that pushes the envelope of imagination.

The Venturi Fetish is unlike any other automobile made today. This entirely electric sports car is manufactured in Monaco by car builders who believe that the only things to consider, aside from an electric engine, are good looks and incredible performance. This two-seat roadster is unequaled in its unique design as well as its all-electric motor.

The Fetish is hand-constructed of carbon fiber materials for a completely aerodynamic look and performance. The car has an electric traction motor, which allows it to move at full speed even from a complete standstill, reaching 60 mph in less than 5 seconds. The Fetish uses an internal lithium battery that can be fully recharged in three hours and can propel the car for over 280 kilometers (more than 170 miles) on one charge. The interior of the car looks as futuristic as the outside, but Venturi promises that ownership of this high-tech vehicle is easy.

The Venturi Fetish will be available in June of this year but only to very select clientele. The company only plans to manufacture 25 of these amazing cars and the waiting period for construction of the vehicle is four months.

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