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Virgin Limited Edition Necker Belle Sailing Charter


Necker Belle Rendering

Virgin Limited Edition, Sir Richard Branson's brand for his "privately owned collection" of luxury resorts (read: a great way to write off an incredibly alluring lifestyle, but we won't blame him - and are only slightly jealous) a few months ago announced the upcoming launch of their 2-year refit of their 2003 Lady Barbaretta, pictured below) and concurrent renaming to Necker Belle.

Lady Barbaretta at Sail

Lady Barbaretta at Sail

Projected completion and sailing to the first port of call, Virgin's own Necker Island should be early November 2009. Once Necker Belle reaches the BVI's, the planned rotation for her will be winters in the Caribbean and summers in the Med.


  • Weekly Charter: $88,000 USD
  • Maximum Sailing Speed: 20 knots plus
  • Capacity: 8 guest in 4 double staterooms
  • Length: 105 feet
  • Beam: 45.9 feet
  • To Charter, call +0800-716-919 (toll free) or +44(0)208-600-0430

As with any Virgin brand experience, one can expect over the top service and amenities. While details are yet to be released fully, one would hazard a guess similar, yet more modern equipment and amenities as previously equipped, plus other additions yet to be disclosed.

For those desiring a more private and exclusive experience over small ship cruises, charters such as Necker Belle may be a significantly more appealing option.

For those interested in following the refit and other related information, you may do so at the Virgin Limited Edition Vlog


Small Ship Cruise Companies

Sail in STYLE and CLASS.

If you have acquired your sea legs, long for a cruise and prefer an intimate voyage in one of the gorgeous oceans of the world, a small luxurious yacht cruise is just for you.


For those who can afford it, you don't want to be on a huge cruise liner with families and children.  People with serious cash don't want to be herded like cattle mixed in with people who paid $499 for their bottom-deck cruise.  There are many small ship cruise companies that cater to the wealthy.

A small luxury cruise will provide a romantic get away for you and your honey, or provide a personal escape from the stresses of the rushed day to day life.  They provide highly trained staff, top of the line cuisines, and the best of everything you can imagine.  You will be treated as royalty.

It's also the perfect time of year to make that trip.  The most perfect yacht cruise is best done from the months of November to July.  Steer clear of the water during the summer months from July to October, as this is hurricane season.

So, where can you find some great companies to luxuriously sail you wherever your heart desires?

The Yachts of Seabourn provide some of the best!  Their cruise liners include the Seabourn Pride, Seabourn Spirit, Seabourn Legend or the new Seabourn Odyssey.  One of these will take you almost anywhere on the globe.

Luxury Yacht Charters can sail you to the Bahamas, Caribbean, France, Italy, Greece, Mediterranean, Alaska, or New England.  They take pride in customizing the trip to your interests, pleasures and tastes.  You can take a Catamaran Yacht, Monohull Yacht or Motor Yacht.

In the Wild is a Yacht Charter company that offers world wide sailing vacations and motor yacht cruise packages on crewed or bare boat yacht charters.  Their attention to detail will provide an amazing nautical vacation.

If you are looking for a more personalized and smaller voyage, consider a privately owned yacht company like Virgin Island Sailing, Ltd These are mush smaller and more personal.  You will have your own captain and chef as they provide expert advice and exceptional, friendly service.


Imagine propping up your feet on deck while in the middle of the sea.  Kick back and enjoy the motion of the ocean and refreshing ocean air on one of these luxurious yachts.


Vacations for the adrenaline junkie

Let me start off by first stating a disclaimer. In no way is this intended to give the impression that the following vacations and ideas even begin to scratch the surface at what you could experience. As we all know, you can do anything for the right price...

Including flying into space! That's right, Virgin, the company founded by Richard Branson (a music mogul, duh) has now started a new direction in travel. Just a few months ago they were introducing Wi-Fi and better entertainment systems in their Virgin Atlantic brand, but NOW, you can take that laptop of yours into the upper-most atmosphere. Slated for departure in the near future, Virgin has been taking reservations for space flight since Mid 2005. You're not too late however, a full ticket costs $200,000 and deposits of different sums from $200,000-$20,000 are available depending on your booking timeframe. Visit VirginGalactic.com

If space travel really isn't your thing, consider a lower cost (and probably less physically demanding) way to travel. How about 4 wheels, about 150mph around a track in a Porsche? Sure, we like to ride in style in our Bentley just as much as you do, but honestly, the fact that we DON'T have a Rolls means that we still like to drive. What's better than a driver's adventure at the Porsche Driving Experience? Not too much, and the ability to take a car (not yours!) around a track at high speeds and little liability seems very appealing to us. Not to mention the price, only $2,995. Visit Porschedriving.com

If you still haven't found your fancy in space travel, or driving a race car, then perhaps and African Safari? After all, there really can't be too much more in the realm of excitement to see a lion charging your Land Rover. If you'd like to price together a custom safari, try Africasafarihome.com

Happy Vacationing!


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