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Oh, You Drive A Luxury Car? I Drive A Batmobile

batmobileWhile most of your friends may settle for the comforts of a limited edition Lotus or a classic fully restored muscle car; there's still nothing that competes with the one-of-kind-villain-pounding-speed-demon-jetblack-cruiser AKA The Batmobile.

Built on top of the chassis of a 1970's Lincoln Continental, this Swedish engineered bad-boy was built over the last three and half years. According to a report from Bilfeber the car is outfitted with the best of Batman gadgetry, including (but not limited to): "satellite navigation, voice recognition...DVD, reversing cameras, height adjustable bodywork, DVD, Plasma"

Exclusivity is one of the most valued qualities of any high end item, and what could be more valuable than $1,000,000+ hand-built Batmobile?

...Well, a Swedish engineered $1,000,000+ Bat-plane of course.

[Bilfeber via Geeky Gadgets via Red Ferret via Dvice]


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