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Bathed in Stone

Home renovations can be a nightmare. The decisions and choices can be overwhelming. Bathroom renovations are some of the most difficult, especially when attempting to satisfy both male and female design styles. That has all been made easier with the exquisite designs from Stone Forest.

Stone Forest has been creating beautiful sculptures out of granite for more than 20 years. The individually, hand-crafted pieces are created out of a single block of granite and are carved using hand tools like hammers and chisels. The company makes incredible pieces of art, yet they are also totally functional as well.

The Stone Forest kitchen and bath collection offers unique products that cannot be found anywhere else in North America. The collection includes bathtubs, vanities and sinks that are handcrafted out of solid pieces of materials like granite, onyx and marble. You will certainly be able to wash away stress when soaking in a 60” round tub crafted exclusively out of travertine, or choose an oval model crafted from a solid block of granite. The beauty of these tubs will make your bathroom feel like an oasis and will quite possibly take your breath away.

The Stone Forest collection includes other amazing products like prep sinks, vanities, tableware and a huge variety of garden elements. These natural stone creations will give your home a sense of permanence in an otherwise ever-changing world.


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