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Beautiful Orchids

Today's installment in the series of perfect Valentine's Day gifts is a traditional choice. Flowers are a thoughtful gift and perfect for those of us who live in areas where the cold and snow have us dreaming of spring blooms. Roses are a typical choice for Valentine's day but this year extend past the usual and surprise your Valentine with something more exotic.

Beautiful Orchids is a San Francisco-based seller of orchids and other exotic flowers. Orchids are thought by many to be extremely difficult to grow but Beautiful Orchids specializes in providing customers with the knowledge to easily care for this gorgeous plant. Customers will also find showstopping potted plants such as the exoticMandarin Red Bromeliad and freshly cut orchids with blooms guaranteed to last up to 12 days.

Many of the flowers are sold in the most gorgeous array of vases and cachepots. Such as the California Violet lilacs and Dutch Purple Tulips housed in an amazing scalloped Tiffany vase. The vase is delivered in the signature blue Tiffany box complete with an elegant gift card personalized with your Valentine's Day wish.

These amazing flowers can be ordered online and shipped overnight. Make your Valentine the envy of everyone and ship this exquisite gift directly to the office. The oohs and ahhs will be overwhelming and you may get a few oohs and ahhs of your own!


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