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Beauty, History and Cuisine at France’s Hotel Le Cep

Europe abounds with luxury hotels, spectacular nightlife and historic monuments in some of the most vibrant cities on the planet. London has the Tower Bridge, Madrid is home to the Prado Museum and Rome boasts the Pantheon. But for those who wish to truly immerse themselves in history, culture and beauty France is the place to be, and The Hotel Le Cep in Beaune, France will leave you gloriously fulfilled.

Hotel Le Cep

Hotel Le Cep

This amazing hotel is situated in the heart of Beaune, also known as the “Capital of Burgandy wines”, a small French town located halfway between the bustling cities of Paris and Lyon.

The historic building has been in use since the 16th Century and has even claimed Louis XIV as a guest. Each of the fifty-seven rooms and suites is furnished with gorgeous antiques yet the rooms are all thoroughly updated with modern conveniences so guests are completely comfortable.

The interior courtyards are a peaceful place for guests to stroll or have a delicious continental breakfast and the magnificent glass elevator brings guests to the hotel tower to see an amazing panoramic view of the city. The many sculptures and architectural elements will leave guests constantly intrigued.

Dining cannot be forgotten in such a place as France and the Hotel Le Cep offers Loiseau Des Vignes. Traditional French cuisine is served at this interior hotel restaurant and it is the only place where over 70 premium wines are available by the glass. Guests will be able to try some of the finest wines in all of France.

There is so much to enjoy inside the hotel guests may never want to leave but the surrounding vineyards and rolling countryside will beckon visitors to come explore. Guests purchasing the premium Le Cep and Burgundy in the Air Package will enjoy wine tastings, a helicopter flight over the Cotes de Beaune, dinner for two at Loiseau des Vignes, admission to the highly-visited Hospices de Beaune, and so much more.


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