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Win Your Own Flush Life!


If you can't afford to be rich the regular way, you can try your luck combined with (very little) skill and a $1000 wager. It won't make you truly wealthy if you win, but for those dreaming of being a half-millionaire this could be your ticket.

In an interesting contest the Jones', a Florida couple are offering their house, business and car in what appears to be a raffle-contest.Now you no longer have to try and keep up with the Jones' and instead can attempt to legally take over significant parts of their lives.

The prizes are specifically stated as:

  • A 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath home with 2-car garage, master suite with Jacuzzi, plus mother-in-law suite with an additional bedroom and bathroom, appraised in July 2009 at $510,587
  • Molly Caroline's gift shop in Seaside, Fla., including years of pre-paid rent, all electronics, equipment, fixtures, furniture, supplies and merchandise totaling more than $750,000
  • A 2005 Maserati Quattroporte in pristine condition, with leather upholstery and fine wood details, valued at more than $40,000

The contest consists of a $1000 "entry fee" and turning in a 200 word "essay" although at only 200 words, I hardly consider this an essay. There must be some Florida law that differentiates raffles from contests and the Jones' lawyer was paying attention that day in law school.

A winner will supposedly be chosen by grading the "essay" as follows; "originality, creativity and sincerity (60%), persuasiveness and flow (30%), and correct grammar (10%)."

Speaking of a winner, it sounds to me like it will truly be the Jones Family, regardless of who wins the essay contest as the end is pegged to be either on either September 6, 2010 as indicated in their press release and a winner chosen "on or about October 6, 2010" per the contest rules - or after 10,000 entries are received. Even rich people like me who have others do math on my behalf can still figure out that's $10 million in entry fees. Their contingency number is set at 3000 entries, or a measly $3 million.

How much is your life worth?
Would you consider raffling it off, and for how much?

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