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The Burj Al Arab- 7 star luxury in Dubai.

There are many great hotels all over the globe but few can even come close to the Burj Al Arab. This spectacular hotel built in the shape of an Arabic Dhow (sailing boat) took 6 years to build and is as tall as the statue of liberty.

The Burj Al Arab is built on a man made island along the shores of the gulf coast in the city of Dubai. It provides a majestic view of the Dubai skyline. Not only glamorous from the outside, it is exceptionally beautiful inside.

One can not walk to the hotel. When a booking reservation is made (and it is usually full), you will be chauffeured in either a silver Rolls Royce or a BMW (of course the latest model). The hotel is linked to the mainland via a small winding road. For those who arrive by air at the Dubai international airport (and can afford it), there is a helicopter ferry which takes you right to the top of the hotel. There is no wait at the receptionist’s desk because each room has its own receptionist and butler.

Once inside, the hotel is full of opulence and traditional eastern style beauty combined with classical gothic architecture. The service is superb (see below for the cost per night and you will see why). You simply have to ask what you want. Another impressive site about this hotel is the location of the tennis court which juts out at about 200 meters above sea level. During night time, it provides a view of Dubai which can best be described as Nirvana. The entire hotel is built with the most expensive materials from around the globe.

Even though the hotel is towering, it has only 202 suites- all of which are elegantly decorated and have state of the art electronics including a flat screen TV. Not many guests go there to watch TV and so the channels available are not known.

Almost every visitor to the hotel compliments the service. You have our own butler 24 hours a day. All your wishes are granted- you just have to ask what you want.

There are 8 distinct restaurants at the Burj Al Arab. The most exquisite is the underwater sea food restaurant, the Oyster. You have to take a small mini submarine ride to get to it. Surrounded by an aquarium, it is simply awesome. While the food is expensive, the décor and service more than make up for it. The Sky View restaurant located at 200 meters above sea level offers breath taking views at night. Unfortunately, it does cost $100 simply to go inside-but worth every penny.

The Burj al Arab is not for all mortals, but if you have the money then there is no reason why one can’t go to stay there. A single night costs about $1000 if you can get a suite. The royal suites go for $28,000 per night and are not always available. Unfortunately, the recession has not hit the Burj Al Arab and so there is no chance of getting a discount.


Vacations for the adrenaline junkie

Let me start off by first stating a disclaimer. In no way is this intended to give the impression that the following vacations and ideas even begin to scratch the surface at what you could experience. As we all know, you can do anything for the right price...

Including flying into space! That's right, Virgin, the company founded by Richard Branson (a music mogul, duh) has now started a new direction in travel. Just a few months ago they were introducing Wi-Fi and better entertainment systems in their Virgin Atlantic brand, but NOW, you can take that laptop of yours into the upper-most atmosphere. Slated for departure in the near future, Virgin has been taking reservations for space flight since Mid 2005. You're not too late however, a full ticket costs $200,000 and deposits of different sums from $200,000-$20,000 are available depending on your booking timeframe. Visit VirginGalactic.com

If space travel really isn't your thing, consider a lower cost (and probably less physically demanding) way to travel. How about 4 wheels, about 150mph around a track in a Porsche? Sure, we like to ride in style in our Bentley just as much as you do, but honestly, the fact that we DON'T have a Rolls means that we still like to drive. What's better than a driver's adventure at the Porsche Driving Experience? Not too much, and the ability to take a car (not yours!) around a track at high speeds and little liability seems very appealing to us. Not to mention the price, only $2,995. Visit Porschedriving.com

If you still haven't found your fancy in space travel, or driving a race car, then perhaps and African Safari? After all, there really can't be too much more in the realm of excitement to see a lion charging your Land Rover. If you'd like to price together a custom safari, try Africasafarihome.com

Happy Vacationing!

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