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Luxurious Dog Sofa: Le Corbusier-style

courTired of those old, smelly, hairy pet beds or sofas? Are they just an eyesore against your clean furniture?

There are some high-quality alternatives.

Consider the Dog Sofa Le Corbusier-style. Cats are welcome to use it too, of course. Its style was inspired by the mid-century elegant Le Corbusier human sofas. It will last and surely be in style for many years into the future. It comes available in black, white, tobacco and grey, so there are many options to match your classy interior designs throughout the seasons. Do not worry if your pet sheds a lot. The removable cover is waterproof, and can also be washed. Its frame is fully-welded steel, and you can order it in steel or a black powder coat.

Product details:

  • Made in Italy.
  • Available in Vinyl or Leather.
  • External Dimensions:
  • Small: 28.3"L x 18"W x 9"H.
    Medium: 31.8"L x 24"W x 9"H.
    Large: 43.3"L x 28.7"W x 9"H.
    Extra large: 53.1"L x 32.2"W x 9"H.
  • Internal Dimensions:
  • Small: 18.8"L x 13.3"W x 5"H.
    Medium: 22.4"L x 19.2"W x 5"H.
    Large: 33.8"L x 24"W x 5"H.
    Extra large: 43.7"L x 27.5"W x 5"H.

Prices vary from $210-$766.

Purchase: Dog Bar


Toshiba Qosmio X 305-Q708

toshiba_qosmio_x305_1Feast your senses on the Toshiba Qosmio X 305-Q708.

This luxurious laptop offers some top-of-the line settings for personal and business use. It has one of the best screens accompanied by a remote control. Be aware that Toshiba has moved some keys, for those who use keyboard control. You can watch HD DVDs, as well as burn CDs and DVDs. You can listen to music with its Dolby Home Theater technology that sounds clearer than ever. Toshiba also backs laptops with an industry-standard one-year limited parts-and-labor warranty, as well as 24/7 toll-free support. It retails anywhere between $3,000 and $4,000.

Product Details:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor QX9300
  • Operating System: Genuine Windows Visa Ultimate (32-bit version), SP1
  • Memory: 4 GB PC3-8500 DDR3 1066MHz SDRAM
  • Display Size: 17.0” widescreen
  • Display Type: WSXGA+ with TruBrite Technology
  • Display Resolution: 1680x1050
  • Graphics Engine: Dual NVIDIA GeFroce 9800 GTS graphics with NVIDIA SLI Technology
  • Graphics Memory: 512MBx2 GDDR3 discrete graphics memory, plus up to 1663MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory using NVIDIA TurboCache Technology
  • Hard Drive: 448 GB: 128 GB SSD + 320GB (7200rpm)
  • Secondary Hard Drive Size: 320 GB 2nd HDD
  • Optical Drive: DVD-SuperMulti (+/-R double layer) with Labelflash drive
  • Webcam: Webcam and microphone built into LCD bezel
  • Wireless: Atheros Wireless LAN (802.11b/g/n); Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR
  • Inputs and Controls: CD/DVD Buttons (Play, Pause, Stop, Previous and Next Tracks); Camera Buttons, Dolby settings, Panel Lights, 104 key US keyboard with 10-key pad, Mute Button, Media Button
  • Battery: Li-Ion (3200mAh)
  • Weight: Starts at 9.04 pounds

Purchase: Toshiba Direct


Samuel Adams’ Utopia

sam adams utopiaSamuel Adams' Utopias are one of the most expensive beers in the world, and also the strongest. This beer is strong, rich and dark, has almost no carbonation and should be savored. It is made by the Boston Brew Company that took the brand name of one of America's founding members, Samuel Adams. Mr. Adams himself was supposedly a brewer!

Samuel Adams Utopia is brewed with all four kinds of Noble hops, giving it an herbal, earthly taste. They use a variety of yeast, such as the kind used in champagne. It has been aged in Scotch, Cognac and Port barrels. They are packaged into collectible copper-finished brew kettle decanter, resembling antique beer. Because of this unique brewing and packaging, this beer tastes more like vintage Port, Cognac or sherry.

It is 54 proof, so you can definitely taste the alcohol, and it tastes warm without any residual burn. Its taste resembles caramel, cherry, vanilla, dark fruits and even wood. It has been reviewed as overpowering, yet pleasant. It is meant for people to sip, not to gulp, and is very thick. Many think it has more of a smell than a taste, and its smell resembles fine whiskey. It leaves a strong, dry, enjoyable aftertaste.

This is a collector's item. Each bottle is individually serialized. It retailed for $100 per bottle, but you can buy it from individuals for an assorted variety of prices.

Purchase: eBay, Internet Wines (temporarily out of stock). You must be over 21 to buy it.


Alexander Kalifano Gemstone Globes

expensive globeAlexander Kalifano's brand name of globes represents the finest gemstone globes in the world. They are handcrafted by skilled artisans, and it takes them hundreds of hours.

You can choose the color of the ocean from: Ivory, Lapis, Black Jasper, Opalite, Black Opalite, Aqua Quartz, Green Quartz, Rubalite, Marine Blue, Carribean Blue, Mother of Pearl, Bahama Blue, Peridot Green, Copperite, Eclipse and more!

You can choose the custom stand from: 24 karat Gold plated, Antique Silver Plated, Bright Silver Plated, and more.

Depending on the size of your globe, it will have a high stand for floor globes, a table stand for desk globes, and you can choose from 3 or 4 leg.

Globe accessories include: maps, gift pen sets, paperweights or bottle stoppers.

The 40” gemstone globe is likely the most posh globe out there. These globes have been handcrafted from the finest artisanship. The 40” diameter globes rest on 4 leg floor stands of precious metals. You can order these custom-made, by globe color, stand color, and whatever other personal attributes you want your globe to possess. They are not by any means mass produced, so there are very few that are sitting there, waiting to be shipped. Delivery takes 3 months, to ensure perfection.

One example is the Black Opalite Gemstone Globe for $50,000. This 40” globe would come with a 4 leg Antique Silver stand with a compass, a Black Opalite Ocean. You can have the USA cut up into 50 different states, and a separate gemstone on each.

Another top-notch example would be the Diamond Cut Mother Of Pearl Gemstone Globe for $200,000 (shown above). The ocean is made of mother-of-pearl, and each piece is cut either into a diamond or triangle shape. It comes on a 4 leg 24 karat gold-plated stand with a compass.

Purchase: Pianki.


Burberry Dog Clothes and Accessories

Burberry offers a number of fashionable coats and accessories that your dog can show off, or match its owner's Burberry clothing. They have finally turned the ultra-fine European fabric toward the pet world.

willowinburberry018There is the Burberry lined Check Wool dog coat. Its price increases according to its size. They range from sizes 18-30, and cost from $90-145. It has soft, thick wool with chest and underbelly closures. The wool will certainly keep your dog warm in the cold weather. Buy from Uptown Pets.

labburberryThen they also sell the Burberry Tan Thorn-proof jacket with plaid lining. The stylish plaid is displayed on the black collar and the underbelly fabric, so everyone knows your dog's taste. Sizes range from 8-22, and cost from $60-105. Great for hiking or berry picking! Buy from Uptown Pets.

burbcoatsdecThere is also a Burberry Black Thorn-proof jacket. It is made up of black cotton twill with nylon lining, and of course displays the plaid on the back collar and underbelly. Sizes range from 18-22, and prices are $80-100. Black is better for the dogs who like to rough it, as it will show less damage. Buy from Uptown Pets.

burb red sweaterIf your dog loves soft surfaces, Burberry also sells cashmere dog sweaters. They range from $50 (used)-$195 retail. They are knitted, and come with some Burberry plaid pocket linings, and display “Burberry Dog” on the back. Buy from eBay.

burb dog leashIf you want to top it off and really match everything, you can always get the Burberry Dog Leash. It is PVC with a brown leather trim, has brass toned hardware, and is 50 inches long. It costs $128. Buy from Designer Imports.


    Purebot Plastic Water Bottle: The Only Safe One?

    plastipure-purebot-bottleHydrapak, a company that produces hydration packs and gel-pack bottles for serious sports competitors recently announced the Purebot plastic bottle. Supposedly the Purebot bottle, which is made with PlastiPure technology is the "first plastic reusable water bottle that is completely free of estrogenic activity, otherwise known as EA. EA, a common byproduct of plastic manufacturing has been linked to health problems especially in women and young children.

    The Purebot is designed to be used in applications with a bottle holder, such as on your bicycle, but could be used as a "regular" reusable water bottle.


    • Capacity: 24oz
    • Screw Top Lid
    • Price: $9.99 ea, or 3 for $24.99
    • Where to Buy: hydrapak.com

    Plastic bottle health concerns has been in the news a lot lately, and even alternative metal bottles by companies such as SIGG are not immune. And, as evidenced by companies such as SIGG, we may not be told of the problems until later, even if known.

    This just makes me wonder, will the new Purebot be truly safe, or will there be concerns found later? If this truly is safer, at $9.99 you could afford to outfit your entire family with a new one for each day of the year, even after giving a few to your housekeepers and butlers.

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    Unique Motor-Powered Toys And Electric Toys

    Classy toys are not just made for adults.  Children too can enjoy luxurious unique motor-powered toys.

    This Ferrari 1986 Testarossa is a go-kart that weighs 615 pounds and can go up to 30 MPH.  It puts all other go-karts to shame, as it was sold at FAO Schwartz and Neiman Marcus for $50,000.  Now it can be purchased for half that, at $24,900.  This amazing car features an electric starter, Momo steering wheel, a working horn, CD stereo system, gauges, dual adjustable seats, real retractable headlights, turn signals, independent suspension and hydraulic rear disc brakes.




    The kids can also feel like a rebel on a Chopper Motorcycle.  Talk about riding in style.  It can go up to about 37.5 MPH, so parents need to be sure the child will handle the power safely and wear a helmet. A leather outfit could make them feel like areal biker, to be like dad.  It can go up to about 77 miles on a full tank of gas.  This stylish children's ride costs $799.98.



    The Classic Child's Vespa is still sporty and sleek.  It offers a motorcycle like ride for any child as well.  It is the child's version of the classic European scooter from the original Vespa in post-WWII Italy.  It features a plastic frame, motor, foot brakes, vinyl-capped non-skid wheels, a working headlight, horn, flashing hazard lights, two rear-view mirrors, a glove box in the dash, a rear storage box, removable training wheels and a kickstand.  It is priced at $299.95.



    This Gas Powered Snowboard can make the kids feel as if they're riding a snowmobile.  It can hold up to 250 pounds and go up to 18 MPH.  Holding 3/4 gallon of gas, it can run up to two hours.  Talk about some fun in the snow.



    This children's Electric Golf Cart is a little more environmentally friendly and can allow the kids to be like dad and mom on the course.  It operates exactly like a real grown-up golf cart.  It can carry up to 65 pounds and travel up to 2.5 MPH.  It sells for $299.95



    The remote controlled Manta Ray is one of the coolest underwater machines that any kid would love to swim with.  It can submerge to a depth of eight feet and can conveniently be controlled by a remote.  It can almost monouver like a real underwater creature.  The only difference is it can be recharged by rechargabble batteries.   It costs $119.95.


    This Brushless Motor powered High Speed offshore racing Boat RTR can race on top of the water.  This fiberglass boat is 37 inches long.  It can go 45 MPH plus.  This goes for around $39.92. 48bd3ae6d67b5_48401b

    There are also fun caged go-karts, ATVs, remote control cars, planes and trains.

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    Luxury Monopoly Set Gives Game Rich Edge


    In case luxury chess isn't quite your thing to drop thousands of dollars on, other options certainly exist to fufill that luxury gaming need. Take for example, the Zontik Monopoly set, designed by Geoffrey Parker.

    This inlaid leather Monopoly set ranges in price from $4,290 to $7,570. The big reason in ranging price? The game pieces are crafted from pewter, sterling silver or silver-gilt! The board is embossed in gold or silver. The playing board can be done in UK or US editions, to custom order, and includes leather dice cups, leather-bound “Bank” boxes with “money” seperators and a leather rule envelope.

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    Oakmont: Mini-Manors for Your Genteel Youngsters


    The fine upscale children's retailer PoshTots believes in a small scale manor for every child who wants one, providing Daddy can cough up $21,000 a pop. These Oakmont Manors, as they are called, take six weeks or so to reach your aspiring country club child. Why? Because each one is custom made upon ordering.

    Features of these mini Newport-like manors include covered front porches, brass door bell knockers, real skylights, sponge painted walls and simulated hardwood floors. All ten windows can be opened as well to let those gentle Southern breezes in during the summer. Simulated butlers and cook staff not included.

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    Kings Button iPhone 3G Sports Big Diamond Home Button


    The next time you reach for your iPhone 3G as it rings to the sound of your favorite money-themed song, you'll take pride o'millionaire in knowing you laid out some 2.5 million for a diamond-studded Apple mobile.

    This special Apple iPhone 3G, designed by jeweler Peter Aloisson, does all the standard tech stuff you've read about. You bought it though for the bling, not the tech features, right? Your 2.5 million gets you a phone case made out of 18 carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. A white gold line is encrusted with 138 diamonds.

    138 diamonds might sound good, but consider this: the centerpiece of this is a 6.6 carat diamond, known as the "Kings Button," which takes the place of the traditional home button. That is one hell of a home button we think.

    [via Gizmodo]

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