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12 Cool New Cars for Teens With Money

Autoweek yesterday announced their list of 10 Great and Safe Rides for Teens but we think this is so boring, not to mention the list of cars is horrid and I'd never want to see even my childrens' school teachers driving these. What am I saying? My kids are privately educated - at home - but I think the point is made.

This has inspired me to pick 12 Cool Cars for Teens who have money. I've set the price limit a low $50k (since it's not good to just give money away to your children - they have to earn it) and the car must be new, as a 2009 or 2010 model year car. Here's what I've come up with, in no particular order.

1. BMW 135i


BMW has long been known for making safe, fun cars and the 135 doesn't fail to deliver. Compact and very well balanced, it makes good use of the twin-turbo 300hp engine. If that's not enough, turn to Dinan and for the dollar difference from mid-30's to our 50k limit you'll have a street rocket like no other, still in full warranty and free maintenance.

2. Chevrolet Camaro


Whether little Jimmy is a total dweeb and wants a Transformers car, or he likes American muscle doesn't really matter - the Camaro is an icon either way. For the one worth owning you'll be missing only $35k so you can use that extra 15 for a night out or bribe a girl at school to act like she likes Transformers too, for Jimmy's sake.

3. Dodge Challenger


One word: HEMI. 425hp. Big, American Muscle. Show your patriotic side during the recession and buy American. You're looking at a base price for the bad-boy model around $43k, plus options but you'll still be shy of the mark by about 4k which should pay for the tires that will be roasted in the first month.

4. Hummer H3T


Little Hummers are not that cool, but little Hummers that have a V8 and are pickups are. If your kids are into outdoor stuff like motorcycles, kayaking, rock climbing, tailgating or parking-lot-princessing, then the H3T is a good fit. Lots of room for people and they can easily fit a massive amount of kegs in the back. You want them to like your little girl for more than her body, don't you? Buy them an H3T and they'll be all over her for beer runs instead. You can give her the 13k left over from the low price tag for her birthday to use on for Botox treatments.

5. Infiniti G37 Convertible


This is great for SoCal or if your kid is a girl. The G37 looks nice but has a bit of power and doesn't look too pretentious. I wouldn't buy it, but for those who like this sort of thing, it's better than the alternatives considering the mid-40's price tag.

6. Lexus ISC 350C


Lexus' ISC 350C is a nice step up from Infiniti's G37 in my opinion. It looks better and the performance levels are close enough that it doesn't make much difference. It's a convertible, not a race car. Enjoy the sun, and if you really want to go fast get the Modified 135 or buy the Elise for track-day Go-Kart-Like fun.

7. Lotus Elise


Elise takes fun to a whole new level. It wouldn't be my choice for a daily driver but younger people don't care so much about being bounced around by serious sports car suspension every day. The only way to describe the Elise accurately is "$50,000 Go Kart" - get one and start raising your own Andretti.

8. Mercedes-Benz GLK 350


MB's Baby GL Class looks good and will be a great car for your soccer-playing daughter. Plenty of room to haul her and friends around, plus it's CHEAP at only $35k.

9. Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart


Every option price is under $34k. If Bobby wants something fast that he can thrash on, the Lancer is a good pick. Toss another $16k at putting in a cage and buying rally tires and he'll have the time of his life.

10. Nissan 370z Nismo


It's a factory rice-rocket! Nissan's 370z Nismo already comes with aerodynamics and spoilers so hopefully you won't be bothered every couple months to buy some upgrades since they're already there. Yeah, right? Worth a shot though - might keep your kid pacified for a couple weeks, and that alone is priceless.

11. Porsche Cayman


Are you trying to set an example of sophistication while being assertive? Cayman agrees with that. Mid engine balance, Porsche quality and fun (stupid 6-cylinder Cayenne's excluded) can be had for just a few hundred over the $50k limit on a base model so we gave some leniency because we like Porsches.

12. Subaru WRX STi


Like the Lancer Ralliart, the Subaru WRX's rally heritage and low price make it a great car that can be thrashed. It will look cooler when it's covered in dirt and has big mud flaps on it. If your kid is a walking pigsty then this would be a natural choice. Not to mention turbo's allow for a huge tuning potential which will make for lots of fun nights at the drags.

But, What About Safety?

For those concerned about safety, I highly recommend shipping your kids off to a proper driving school where they can learn evasive maneuvers and car control. I'm not recommending Driver's Ed, I'm recommending something like BMW driving school, Bondurant or any handful of other schools where they will actually learn physics and how to control the vehicle rather than to be scared of it or other drivers.

We spend countless dollars trying to prepare children for their life in the real world, why not spend a little and teach them how to control these machines that can so easily harm people yet America requires so little knowledge and experience to operate on the streets.

What do you think?

If you're going to spend $50k on a car for your kids, what would you get and why?

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  1. I would never spend 50grand on a car for my kids, they are undeserving little brats and will be lucky to have me spend $500 for them.

  2. An STi owner and Subaru fan myself, I’d go for the STi. Then again, that would be for me. My kids will be lucky to get my old STi when they are old enough to drive. I’m sure it will still be running and in full force by then even with several hundred thousand miles and quite a few track days of note to its credit. That is if they haven’t banned or run out of gasoline by then.

  3. Why would you want that piece of shit minivan

  4. i am a challenger fan.my mom will have 2 get me a used car though.i start driving in 2014 and i will want the 2011 challenger srt8.

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